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    The Tacos (Not Tacomas) were really good, at least the steak ones were.
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    Body shop recommendations - Denver, Aurora, Commerce City Area

    Does anyone have a Body Shop recommendation for the Denver area that does Toyota 4runner? My front end got cracked up when another driver blew their red light and got the full force of my slimline winch bumper to her Outback's rear quarter. I drove away, she had to be towed. She also had 4 flat...
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    Change Forum Theme

    I Look forward to chatting although I don't think we will be at the May 14th M&G. We will probably be on our way to OXW. Maybe June.
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    Change Forum Theme

    No issues. I thought you were joking but wasn't sure.
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    Change Forum Theme

    My Avatar is in snowy color, just looks grey.
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    Change Forum Theme

    Thanks Brad. Ben, Can you add some other theme?. I can't read the light grey very well. Thanks, Keith
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    Lake Powell legs April 6-13, 2019

    Brad, We are thinking of hitting this area on the return trip from Overland Expo West this year. Can you post up the gpx files of the routes you planned? Thank You, Keith
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    Change Forum Theme

    Is there a way to change the theme or colors of this forum? currently It is hard for me to read. Thanks, Keith
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    Inside Cargo Straps

    We have used ROK straps on our bikes for years. Never lost anything off the bike. Even through an accident our luggage stayed on the bikes.
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    Overland Expo 2018 5/17-5/22

    Hi All, We are new members. We were at the last M&G. We will be down at Overland Expo, but will not be coming on the trip with you. We are in the Overland Experience program down there so we will be in classes all day long every day. We will be camped in the campground. If the group is hanging...