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    Ground Tenters need NOT apply

    Do I qualify if I throw my sleeping bag on the roof?
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    Alu-cab gen 3

    That looks sweet.
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    April 2019. Possible trip I’m planning out.

    That looks great. I'll join you if the timing works out.
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    Possible combo trip and OX West

    Decent chance I'll go to the one in Guni. Thanks for pointing it out.
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    Great video explaining auxiliary power.

    Good explanation if a bit long. TL;DR Different types of batteries don't play well together without smart controls.
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    Electric off road vehicle???

    That sounds like it a great idea to me. DC->AC->DC would work but not very efficiently. It would be fine while you're driving though. There should be a way to charge it directly. We definitely would need something to manage the charging and prevent over charging so can't hook it directly to a...
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    Sloppy Steering

    Anyone have a detailed checklist for where to look when your steering starts feeling vague? Fluids, bolt torques, loose ball joints, worn bushings..... Probably my imagination since I'm comparing it to my sports car but my JK seems to be reacting slower than it used to. I'd love a complete list...
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    Kokopeli Trail - October 18-21

    I might join depending on the timing. I have some family coming around then. Definitely going to take less moonshine if I do go :)
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    Solar Panel

    I'll admit its at least 50% gadget ;)
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    Solar Panel

    What are you guys liking for solar panels & controllers these days? Any recommendations for manufacturers to target or avoid? Needed features? Mostly to be used for augmenting running a fridge but may need to do other things. I'm looking at a MOHOO 100W Bendable Foldable...
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    Help a Newb Out - What Vehicle Should I buy?

    I love my Wrangler but it isn't always the best option and tend to be pricey. The market around here makes it hard to find any cheap. I will strongly 2nd the newer than 2012 recommendation though. Two more questions for you to think about. 1 How many people are you hauling? If it's more than...
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    Colorado Geology

    This is probably the best put together geology video I've ever seen. Explains a lot of the stuff we see driving through CO and watching it probably should be a residency requirement for people moving here ;)
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    Crossing the Greenland Icecap

    Cool vid. Loved the radar station. Awesome music and never had to hear the infernal buzz of a single drone ;)
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    El Camino del Diablo 3/28/18-4/1/18

    I wasn't able to make it last year but I think I can this year. I'm looking forward to exploring this area.
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    Colorado Springs to Moab

    Sounds fun. I'll join in.