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    Yaesu Customer Support

    Now I see it. I guess it just took FB awhile to update.
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    Yaesu Customer Support

    I joined but I don't see any way to make a new post. I can reply to other posts though.... Did they lock it out? Am I missing something?
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    Yaesu Customer Support

    I had the display for my FTM-400DXR stolen out of my Jeep and am trying to get a hold of Yaesu to see if I can get a replacement but am not getting any response. Emails and phones call are never returned using the contact info on their webpage.
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    Matt’s Offroad Recovery

    Did you see this one? I officially have a new nightmare.
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    Chris Cordes’ Excursion

    Quality build. Almost convinced me to get one but I would need an extra house to park it at :)
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    New Mexico/Arizona Back Country trip March 28-April 4 2020

    I'd love to come but I'm going to be busy then. Have fun!
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    Auxiliary Lights - What should I get?

    Sounds like you have the same philosophy on lighting as me. I also went with the excellent JW main headlights and they are all I need most of the time. Excellent light and road legal for everyday use that is 95% of the time. Then I added some chepo ebay lights on the bumper for off road side...
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    Looks badass but you're not going to get very far with a Hellcat motor unless you are towing a gas tank.
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    External Fuel Solutions

    Let me know how the mounting goes. I've thought about doing the same fender mount several times. I was able to get a mount on my tire carrier that works very well with the wavian can but it was semi custom to my carrier.
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    Windows Up or Windows Down?

    I prefer windows down to experience nature more but will roll them up quickly for dust, sunburn, or nasty weather. I used to put my head out the window a lot to see where my tires were but after a good amount of practice I know where my tires are and do it less. Still fun do sometimes though and...
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    Matt’s Offroad Recovery

    Damn, now I'm watching to much of this. Some pretty funny ones. Amazing how far out some of these rentals get before they give up.
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    Truck Bed Drawers - Feedback Wanted!

    Do you have anything that fits securely on 1 side or the other? On trips I frequently put my Mt bike in the back of my Wrangler with it vertical on the passenger side. It takes up most of that side. What I'd like is a shelf that will fit on just the other side. Probably a 40/60 split with the...
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    San Juan Iconic Trail Loop | 22-25 August 2019

    Its been a couple years since I've been here and I'm very tempted but I had plans for MTB'ing that weekend. Might have to change plans... Keep me in the loop please.
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    Ground Tenters need NOT apply

    Do I qualify if I throw my sleeping bag on the roof?
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    Alu-cab gen 3

    That looks sweet.