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    Jeep Overland Build - shop recommendations.

    It's hard to find a shop that understands the complexity of a Jeep.
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    Ground Tenters need NOT apply

    Are they taking a rock buggy and throwing a RTT on top with a fridge in the back?
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    No Excuses Camping Trip 6/10/17

    Bummer. Wonder if it was an illegal fire.
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    No Excuses Camping Trip 6/10/17

    Is this camp site in Park County or Chaffe county? Either way I think both counties are under fire bans. We're going to bring our propane fire pit which is still allowed under the ban.
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    Swank's 1992 Land Rover Range Rover Classic

    Sunshade fabric is from Joann's fabrics or something. The wife found it. We ordered the new headliner material from amazon a while back.
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    Swank's 1992 Land Rover Range Rover Classic

    Update. The rigs been running great even if it's a bit noisy. LOL This week I'm wrapping up my new center console. The original one was breaking down and it's not just something I can order. This one is made of wood and wrapped in marine vinyl. I'd say it's about 80% completed and I have...
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    No Excuses Camping Trip 6/10/17

    How's everyone's dogs on a trip like this? We have a 6 year old boston who typically lays on my wife's lap and a 2 year old Chocolate lab who loves everyone.
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    No Excuses Camping Trip 6/10/17

    Isn't this post from last year's camp?
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    4x4 camping close to Denver for this weekend.

    Wife and I are looking to 4x4 camp near Denver this Friday. We'd likely leave in the morning to get a head start on traffic from Denver. Thinking Barbour fork (closed until June 16th) or slaughterhouse or similar for a 1 night trip as a shakedown run. Any other recommendations for close to...
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    CoWj A dream build.

    I like that. it's been a while since I've done any real metal fab. In some of my industrial maintenance days I was able to weld and fab as needed on the assembly lines. I built a pretty cool cart for my company provided tool chest at one of my jobs. I've never built any sliders or bumpers...
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    Cap & Platform for Tacoma Double Cab

    Ross's rig is bad ass.
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    Oregon Trail Offroad

    I never liked that game
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    Portable Fire Pit

    If you want to demo it we could probably set it up in my garage and test it before buying. Then again you can just grab it from depot, test it, and return it if you don't like.
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    Portable Fire Pit

    We have a propane one like this. Works great during fire ban, stores well it supplied bag, actually puts off some decent heat...
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    Sand Ladders vs MaxTrax

    My wife got me a set of those escaper buddy's. I've not had a chance to use them yet. We just carry them around.