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    official ham call sign list

    Wes Duff KEOWIA
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    Looking to lift my tacoma -- any taco owners with any recomendations

    SLEE ARB - BP-51 + OME full leaf pack replacement with overload. On Road : Awesome, almost like driving a low profile car, body roll is minimal! Off Road : I dont have a lot to compare it to but.... Washboard roads - soaks up the bumps like butter. I dont feel them Slow rolling - rocks ...
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    July 19 -21st : Trip planning

    Trip was a success .. Some rain, I left early for brownie points.. but all in all SUCCESS! Great people and great fun! Topaz Mountain 4x4 trail was a great setup up from what I am use to and was awesome! We found some new great camping spots! Ken, Dan, Daniel (+ family), Jason, Silvester, My...
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    July 19 -21st : Trip planning

    Here is a moderate trail we can run that looks fun. Some pinstripes may occur
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    July 19 -21st : Trip planning

    A little more research I found this place Dropped pin Near Park County, CO 80456 We could camp here.. not to far from the other spots .. looks like it’s near some water Then there are many more tech. Off-road trails in the area that range from easy to...
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    July 19 -21st : Trip planning

    Sure I can call you this afternoon. Really there are no plans. Mostly going to wing it :)
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    RCI metalworks anybody have anything from them

    I have the RCI rock sliders on my tacoma. Very well constructed and so far they are pretty awesome. I have not hit them on a rock yet haha but I will post up once they are put to proper use.
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    June 28 & 30 (fri and Sat) : Jefferson camping

    Ended up going to 11 mile canyon. It was really nice.
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    July 19 -21st : Trip planning

    UPDATE : 7-19 Ham Radio Comms Primary 146.550 - Secondary 146.580 People plan to leave at different times. I’m calling Donna when I head out. But looks like most people are leaving around 6 Plans are solid : Road we are camping off of : Camping Here ...
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    Looking to lift my tacoma -- any taco owners with any recomendations

    Looks like I am going with the ARB BP-51s rear leaf pack : OME Leaf Spring - Rear 5 Leafs + 2 Overload
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    White River National Forest Trip 7/12/19

    Wow check this spot out : coffee pot road ... Bet it would be cold though...
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    Looking to lift my tacoma -- any taco owners with any recomendations

    Decided to go with BP-51s Adjustable and will give me about 3'' of lift Contacting a few shops for the install - slee offroad - Hoping to get these folks.. they seem to work on tacomas more - Juniper Offroad Might contact RCI
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    Aux beam bumper lightbar, grill and lights

    Sweet!! I bet those are bright!
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    Add a leaf - shop to install.

    Looks like the install and parts will be pricer than expected.. So...might as well go full suspension upgrade. I made a different post about this .