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  1. Odomandr

    This weekend 9/18 impromptu camping

    Anyone interested in heading up towards Glenwood Springs area? Rochelle and I will be heading up tomorrow/Friday and camping around the Adams lake area I hope. There are a few trails but more of a catch the color change and camp kinda trip... probably end up on coffee pot road Friday explore...
  2. Odomandr

    ICON front coilovers

    Anyone own a Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner, or FJ that's thinking about a lift kit? I have an amazing front setup from ICON that I won today at an event. I run this setup already but sure could use a front bumper let's work out out a deal in both our favors
  3. Odomandr

    Another Tacoma

    May 2011: Once I graduated from Auburn I needed a new truck as my 240sx was not suited for Colorado winters. I sold my 95 model GMC truck and 95 model jdm turbo swapped 240sx and put the money towards a used 2010 dbl cab with 36000 miles. Came with tint, steps, a Leer topper and a front bar...
  4. Odomandr

    ham radio Nets

    So everyone with ham license knows how much better it is than citizens band. In my discovery of ham I have also enjoyed the electronic tinkering that it has led me to pursue. I used to be a bit more scared of electrical stuff with my truck other than car audio, now I've got the confidence to...