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  1. JeepRunner89

    Going for a drive, anyone interested?

    I've had the busiest summer! For some reason, when you move to Colorado, people feel the need to come and visit, which means you have to entertain and conduct the dog and pony show. I also don't feel comfortable having family drive to the mountains with me and camp at 10,000 ft. Not safe...
  2. JeepRunner89

    A lesson in preparedness.

    I've always tried to push "go bags" or survival bags. I have space blankets, small canopy, and a little water filter, as well as some a few MRE meals I keep where my OEM lift was. That takes care of me at least being able to survive. But tools are hard; I'm familiar with the tools I need that...
  3. JeepRunner89

    Battery or Starter

    Brad, you're spot on! After 3 mechanics and 2 service guys milled over the jeep for 30 minutes, an old timer walks up and connects jumper cables from the negative to the engine block and it started right up! All connections are good, but there simply was not enough ground. Ended up making a...
  4. JeepRunner89

    Battery or Starter

    I put a meter on it and got 12.69V, but that was after driving around for 20 minutes. And of course it is starting up right away now. Pumping the gas was just a coincidence, I don't think that helped. Going to get another reading later tonight. Hoping it is a battery issue, although I run 2...
  5. JeepRunner89

    Battery or Starter

    And that's the thing, I'm getting power. All my gauges are good and I can't see any changes. I'll put a meter to it and double check. Yes, giving it gas and having it start is a curve ball for me. I'm hoping a jeep guy can give me the easy answer for this one.
  6. JeepRunner89

    Battery or Starter

    I'm having trouble starting the Jeep. I have power throughout but am getting clicks when turning the key. However, if I pump the gas it eventually turns over. I can't figure out if the battery is bad of if the starter needs to be replaced. Anyone have suggestions?
  7. JeepRunner89

    Great Sand Dunes 6/28-6/30 Cancelled

    I will be calling next week to double check the conditions. Hopefully it will open soon.