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  1. AJVan64

    San Juan Iconic Trail Loop | 22-25 August 2019

    Here SOON there should be an official Event posted for this, but I'd like to get it on everyone's radar! The weekend of 8/24 I will be making a loop through parts of the Alpine Loop area, passing through Telluride by way of Black Bear Pass and Imogene Pass. Post up if this is something you are...
  2. AJVan64

    What's new?

    Glancing through this category and I realized that no one has posted in 'recovery gear' in over 3 years! What's new?? I'm sure that very little has changed, but given time passed I'd say that maybe there's some legitimate durability type reviews to be shared or maybe some advice on best value...
  3. AJVan64

    Short First-Timer's Trip - Gross Res. & Switzerland Trail

    I am looking to go up and find out just what my '01 Limited T4R can do in its totally stock form. 4wd with the factory central diff locker, excited to get some dust in the air and some beautiful pictures. The idea for me, reinforced by some group members, would be to learn as much about my truck...