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  1. starkman

    Off Road Cure for Cabin Fever

    Here is another one!
  2. starkman

    Off Road Cure for Cabin Fever

    I put together some videos of places to go in the winter, my way to cure my cabin fever. Enjoy!
  3. starkman

    Grande 4th of July 2020

    I put a video together of the trip. Not very good but here it is.
  4. starkman

    Y2K 200K Father's Day

    I think its fitting to turn over 200,000 miles on my 2000 Explorer on an off road run. This vehicle has been the must enjoyable vehicle I've owned!
  5. starkman

    Capability vs comfort: the happy median

    So I've been considering the same thing as you are. Does your Expedition's 4x4 system function off road well?
  6. starkman

    Capability vs comfort: the happy median

    Here is another one.
  7. starkman

    Georgetown ice races!

    Don't be a hater. :rolleyes: Here are the specs. Supercharged V8, automatic, all-wheel drive, 4.56 gears, rear locker, 4 wheel disc brakes, adjustable shocks, big swaybars front and rear. It will be for ice racing and rallycross.
  8. starkman

    Georgetown ice races!

    New project Already lowered 2" in the rear and 1" in the front.
  9. starkman

    My new winch

    Stopped in at 4 Wheel Parts to get a poly hilift jack handle sleeve and walked out with a winch. Didn't know there was going to be assembly...
  10. starkman

    What did you do to your rig today?

    Now I have everything mounted on the outside, 4 gallon Rotopax behind tire with HiLift above, just a few details to finish and paint. As soon as the flipping sun comes back out!!! End weather rant...
  11. starkman

    My dear old truck?

    It's kind of cool that it is still running and off road. I really liked that truck...
  12. starkman

    Capability vs comfort: the happy median

    Lots of great points. My ex wife use to say, "Can you buy something that meets your needs instead of modifying what you have?" She hated that I spent money and lots of time away from her modifying my vehicles. I was always limited in funds and I think that was the reason I would modify. As you...
  13. starkman

    Crazy Aussies!

  14. starkman

    Day trip: Snow Wheeling!

    I'm in, love snow wheeling.
  15. starkman

    Georgetown ice races!

    Nice seeing you up there, racing against a Mitsu Evo and a Audi RS4 so won't be winning but fun anyway.
  16. starkman

    Georgetown ice races!

    4x4s will have an advantage over the rallycars in the deeper snow, SNOW BABY SNOW!
  17. starkman

    Georgetown ice races!

    The last time I did a fun day there was two tracks, one for the fast studs and one for bare rubber. It was just line up and go.
  18. starkman

    Georgetown ice races!

    I air down the front only, down to 15 psi. I have the front swaybar disconnected too. I can get the Explorer to rotate real well. It sucks to understeer so do everything to get traction in the front and no traction in the back. I get there early too because I get excited about racing and can't...
  19. starkman

    Georgetown ice races!

    I'm going, raced last year and will race all this year. In the FAQ area you click on the question and one will give track lay outs. Basically it is single elimination. The tracks are designed that two vehicles start side by side heading the other direction and you run one lap on the same track...
  20. starkman

    Jeep wheels wanted to buy

    Anybody have some of these for sale? From a XJ or TJ, I need two but would take four. Any condition as long as they are not bent.