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  1. starkman

    Off Road Cure for Cabin Fever

    I put together some videos of places to go in the winter, my way to cure my cabin fever. Enjoy!
  2. starkman

    Grande 4th of July 2020

    I put a video together of the trip. Not very good but here it is.
  3. starkman

    Y2K 200K Father's Day

    I think its fitting to turn over 200,000 miles on my 2000 Explorer on an off road run. This vehicle has been the must enjoyable vehicle I've owned!
  4. starkman

    My new winch

    Stopped in at 4 Wheel Parts to get a poly hilift jack handle sleeve and walked out with a winch. Didn't know there was going to be assembly...
  5. starkman

    Crazy Aussies!

  6. starkman

    Jeep wheels wanted to buy

    Anybody have some of these for sale? From a XJ or TJ, I need two but would take four. Any condition as long as they are not bent.
  7. starkman

    Old memories I used to build these things many years ago, many cool memories.
  8. starkman

    My dear old truck?

    I sold this truck many years ago. It's funny how it keeps coming up for sale. I think they want a little too much....
  9. starkman

    Pinz es

  10. starkman

    Bed tent for sale

  11. starkman

    New 2016 Tacoma

    Standard GoPro mount?
  12. starkman

    Middle Fork Swan River/Georgia Pass wildlife

    No an overland trip but thought I would share these pics. Visiting family in Breckenridge Thursday and took a little run up to Georgia Pass. Started up the pass Made a right at the top of the pass and came to a dead end and she greeted us Got out of the Explorer and walked a little closer...
  13. starkman

    Local straight through trip

    OK, I'll bite. Let's start a discussion on what trails go straight through and are also local. I've talked a lot with my moto friends about this topic. We like to ride out of our garages on the front range and hit as much dirt as possible and do multi day trips staying in hotels for usually...
  14. starkman

    This weekend? 7/25-26

    Anyone getting out? I'm without kid and want to get up in the mountains.
  15. starkman

    How to crap in the bush

  16. starkman

    Land Cruiser on the list

    This seems like a good deal. Not mine...
  17. starkman

    Argentine/Santiago Mine overnight

    Drove up to Georgetown Saturday at noon and met NuclearLemon for a great trip up to see the Santiago Mine and stay overnight at my favorite "close" trail campsite. This trail is the first trail I ran in Colorado back in 1989 in my Bronco and it's my favorite to run if I'm short on time or by...
  18. starkman

    EveryTrail site

    My friend uses this app to track our motorcycle trips. It good as it can be uploaded to the site so family can see where we are. Hopefully this link works.
  19. starkman

    Motorcycle roof top tent?

  20. starkman

    Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range

    First trip report, hope it goes good. My girlfriend lives in Fruita and I was out visiting when she made the suggestion to check out the wild horse reserve and I was happy to visit but thought it would be another tourist type day. To my surprise it was a great trail with everything I could want...