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  1. Garret S

    Huron Peak Trailhead Drive - Winfield, CO

    This past weekend was going to do the Huron Peak 14er, but because of equipment malfunction (my other half forget their hiking shoes...) we didn't end up hiking, but did get in some fun offroading up to the Huron Peak trailhead (NW slope route). From Denver: I-70 from Denver and Hwy 91 to...
  2. Garret S

    Big BLUE

    In the process of building a full size truck overland rig. 2009 RAM 1500 TRX4 5.7 V8 Normal full size trucks don't have much of an offroad package. The TRX4 from dodge is almost equivalent to the raptor, as far as offroad upgrades. What comes in the TRX4 Package? 32 Gallon Tank, heavy-duty rear...
  3. Garret S

    MOAB Trip Planning - Oct 2017

    Hey Everyone! This is my first post, as I am a noob overlander, but am starting to get my truck built to tackle these fun adventures. I am planning a MOAB 4wd and camping trip from Denver, where I live. Tentative planning will put the trip as a 4 day weekend trip from Oct 12-15th. Just wanted...