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  1. jerdog53

    Ham Net

    There is an ongoing simplex net every Wednesday evening @7:30 on 146.550 hosted by a different individual every time, hope to see you down the log.
  2. jerdog53

    Meet and Great 06/14/16

    Next Meet up Tuesday, June 14th 7:00pm Odyssey Beerwerks 5535 West 56th Ave., Suite 107 Arvada, CO 80002 Next meet up is almost here.....
  3. jerdog53

    4 Rovers do Moab….

    The Boys of Landy, as my wife calls us, made the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, errr… Moab in the spring of 2016 to escape the torrential snows of Colorado. The Ringleader Brad The Instigator Hud The Royce and myself We also had a friend of Royce’s, Ret, join us in one of those...
  4. jerdog53

    Discovery 5......

    Starting to see some spy photos of Land Rovers new Discovery 5 (LR5)..... I see Land Rover is taking its design queues from Kia..... :eek:
  5. jerdog53

    Camp Chairs

    Post up what you have any why you chose them. We have the Hang time chairs from REI, the back folds into the seat which then fold flat. $25
  6. jerdog53

    Overland Expo West 2016

    I see the dates for the 2016 event have been posted May 20 to 22nd. I think we need to go in force and show the world Rocky Mountain Overland!
  7. jerdog53

    CoBDR 2015 on a bike.

    A wise man has said that the Ducati Panigale is fine representation of and Italian Supermodel. If that is true then the Ducati Hyperstrada is the tomboy half sister of an Italian Supermodel! A fun easy free-spirited lady game for anything..... We set out to accomplish the CoBDR with all the...
  8. jerdog53

    Vermont overland trophy

    Ran across this today. Does not look fun!
  9. jerdog53

    ColoRado snow cover

    Ran across this page and thought I would share it here which may not be the best place. It shows the snow depth across the state updated hourly.
  10. jerdog53

    Land Rover history

    Interesting bit of history.
  11. jerdog53

    Snow play!

    Clymber and I took Monday off and went for a drive, unbeknownst to us at the time of the plan there would be snow ! Of course when we left town it was windy and 60 degrees! Its a bit of a challenge doing a trip report with two trucks and two people so bare with me. We took 93 north to 72...
  12. jerdog53

    Taking a long soak...

    Nothing better than after a long day on the trail taking a nice hot soak in a portable hot tub! Just add water. The Original Nomad Collapsible Tub Can be heated with propane, natural gas (typically for permanent tub installations) or firewood an intimate gathering place for you and...
  13. jerdog53

    Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

    So I ran across this today and thought I would share. "high-science device combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity on-the-move and under any condition" More along the lines of charging portable electronic...
  14. jerdog53

    Electric Refrigerators

    Post up what you got how big is it and why you chose that model / brand I plan on going with the Indel B 50 qt unit mainly because of the reviews, size and price.
  15. jerdog53

    Overland Furniture

    One of the things my wife and I have been seriously looking into is proper Overlanding furniture along the lines of British Campine Furniture and the like. The idea behind this furniture is it must be rugged for the journey but comfortable to relax in, it must break down into small bundles for...
  16. jerdog53

    Jerdogs LR3

    I have just made the transition from being a long standing jeep guy to becoming a Land Rover guy. Jeeps I have had include CJ5s in 1955, 1976 and 1983 vintages then a 2005 Lj Rubicon which I just sold end of last yeas to a now good friend. So with the sale of the Lj I purchased a bone stock...