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  1. jerdog53

    official ham call sign list

    I did pass my general, call sign remains the same....
  2. jerdog53


    Welcome Steve and Steve.... Cheers!
  3. jerdog53

    Colorado repeaters

    Also more information here....
  4. jerdog53

    Swank's 1992 Land Rover Range Rover Classic

    Mike I got a guy that could redo them seats....
  5. jerdog53

    Overland Expo 2018 5/17-5/22

    Pictures or it didn't happen....
  6. jerdog53

    CoWj A dream build.

    Mean fab skilz!
  7. jerdog53

    Leaving expensive tent unattended

    I don't have any reservations about leaving it set up in a camp ground or otherwise.
  8. jerdog53

    Air Opus Camper

    I actually looked at those at the RV show in January and it was something we both found interesting. Its a big trailer. I found the Cricket more interesting
  9. jerdog53


    Welcome Alec! I to drive obscure overland vehicles including my Land Rover LR3 and my Ducati Hyperstrada on TCK80s.... Welcome to the group!
  10. jerdog53

    DinoTards 2016

    Sombody have a GPS track for this trip?
  11. jerdog53

    CoWj A dream build.

    Looking great Wyatt!
  12. jerdog53

    Colorado Springs to Moab

    Ran across the Rim Rocker trail today while perusing ADV. This route is from Montrose to Moab which means we would only need to find a route from C-Springs to Montrose. and...
  13. jerdog53

    Camp cots

    Tom I could bring this cot if you like.
  14. jerdog53

    Camp cots

    No, it has rather large rubber / plastic feet on the bottom, I don't see any problems.
  15. jerdog53

    Camp cots

    So we have run the Kamp Rite double Quick Cot for two years now with an queen sized air mattress. Folds up small enough to fit on the floor behind the front seats For what its worth, were happy with it.
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    I see it on the computer Ben....
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    Welcome Jason!
  18. jerdog53

    Morrison Jeep Trail - Wyoming

    I do not live in MT although I did live in Wy for a while 10 years ago. Its about an 8 hour drive to the trail head from my location in Denver which would add two days to the trip just to get there.
  19. jerdog53

    Morrison Jeep Trail - Wyoming

    It isn't open until after the 15th of July regardless of the snow fall and will close directly after the snow falls. I haven't done it but plan to
  20. jerdog53

    Colorado Springs to Moab

    Needs to be late enough in the year that the snow is gone but not too hot and dusty.