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  1. Wyatt

    Burt the Taco

    As some of you know I bought 1st gen tacoma for a daily driver. Bought the truck from the original owner with 247k miles on it, he had a full service record, and in talking to him after I bought it, learned he had driven it all the way up to Alaska, all across canada, to the east coast multiple...
  2. Wyatt

    KISS Small pickup, don't worry the Jeep is not going anywhere.

    In the world of overland there seems to be 3 categories, Toyota (4runner, land crusier, and Tacoma), Jeep (mainly the JKU), and then all the others. I've been looking around recently, thinking about another rig. The goal is the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) to have as my daily and a back roads...
  3. Wyatt

    Long Forgotten Maintenance.

    I was going over the Jeep today before my small trip this weekend and I remembered a bit of maintenance that seems to be forgotten quite often. As most people hide on board air compressors in places where they are visible. I have mine a quite check to find ththe filter was quite dirty. The...
  4. Wyatt

    Interviews pertaining to Overlanding.

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of writing a informational feature piece about overlanding. This is my main piece of the year for my senior English composition class. The purpose is to interview a sizable amount of people that are related to the topic of our choice. My topic is "Overlanding...
  5. Wyatt

    Wheeler Geological Area Saturday October 8th and Sunday October 9th

    This and an open invitation for any that would like to join me in my single night trip to Wheeler Geological Area in Creede ( Its not a hard trail I ran it last year at this same time. A stock Off road style SUV or Truck can easily make it...
  6. Wyatt

    CoWj A dream build.

    So after about 9 months of owning my 4runner and experimenting with long travel ifs and fancy traction control systems and all those other do-dads I decided that I needed a solid axle jeep again. But I didn't want a wrangler because I started to really like the v8 in the toyota and needed...
  7. Wyatt

    Good a/t tire specifically 3 ply sidewall.

    What are your guys recommendations for a good all around a/t tire. I want to change it up cause the last couple years I've run kos and st maxxs. I would love another 3 ply sidewall but a thick 2 play would be fine. Only exception is no Goodyear Duratracs seen way to many sidewalls get cut.
  8. Wyatt

    The big day ExpoT4R is for sale.

    My latest project rig is for sale hoping to get a decently fast sale so I can build my Jeep before my summer starts getting hectic this is the ad if anyone is interested. I will give a slight discount for forum members.
  9. Wyatt

    Favorite pictures...

    Alright while looking through my phone today I found a couple of those pictures that just makes to stop and look for a little while. So I thought it might be a interesting thread to have everyone share those couple of photos that stand out.
  10. Wyatt

    Someones been spotted

    I believe someone from our forum has been spotted on a Facebook page. I remember him from the last meet up.
  11. Wyatt

    What cb do you use and where is it mounted.

    As the name suggests what cb do you use what do you like vs hate about it and where do you have it mounted. This can help people searching for radios or needing ideas for mounting locations. I have a Cobra 29LTD chrome. I love built in swr for on the fly tuning and all the adjustments that can...
  12. Wyatt

    Vehicle question

    So I've been wondering for a little while now has anyone used or seen a vw touareg for off road or overland usage? I've always been curious whether or not they are good or bad.
  13. Wyatt

    ExpoT4R Build / introduction

    Well I'm not sure a good way to start this off so I'll just go for it. Hello everyone my name is Wyatt and I'm from Boulder Colorado and I stubbled across this forum while researching new tires for my vehicle and I thought I might as well join it because I am a very avid over lander located in...