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  1. Brandon

    April 2019. Possible trip I’m planning out.

    I know you mentioned it this weekend, figured I'd pop in and check it out. I'll try to check on it once in a while. I was thinking of a month long trip around that time if I'm still here, so that could be a good start.
  2. Brandon


    Thanks Looking forward to putting it to good use. I'm not thrilled about the cold weather moving in, it'll slow me down this weekend.
  3. Brandon

    Anyone have a lead on a small trailer?

    Yeah, can't wait until it's go time even though I have a lot to do.
  4. Brandon

    Anyone have a lead on a small trailer?

    Sounds like that's going on the list!
  5. Brandon

    Anyone have a lead on a small trailer?

    Well after thinking about it more... I think an aluminum tray/canopy setup will be a better investment. It might have to wait until I'm on the road, but come august, the truck may change quite a bit.
  6. Brandon


    Havent been here in a quick minute. But heres the latest and greatest build thread along with the trip plan for those interested!
  7. Brandon

    Anyone have a lead on a small trailer?

    Tossing around the idea of dragging around a small trailer on my coming journey. It would make it a bit easier for sleeping (RTT on the trailer), vs an inside bed platform by removing the front passenger and rear seats. Most camping will be hammock or tent, but for rainy/grizzly areas, I'd...
  8. Brandon

    Camping for 10/12 to 10/17

    I'm out. Decided to go goof off in Cali next week. Finally see some redwoods!
  9. Brandon

    Camping for 10/12 to 10/17

    Was that tonight? I just got home from work not too long ago.
  10. Brandon

    Camping for 10/12 to 10/17

    Any idea of plans yet? I'll Probably have some goof off time over the next few weeks, no set plans yet.
  11. Brandon

    Recommendations for solar panels

    I've had my Renology 100w panel for a month or two now. I went with the kit that has the "less efficient" but cheaper PWM controller vs an MPPT controller. I don't have to start the truck ever with the fridge running 24/7. It gets the battery topped off as soon as the sun starts hitting the...
  12. Brandon

    Tacoma Alcan Custom Leaf pack GB

    Group buy on TW on custom leaf pack. I think we have 7, need 10.
  13. Brandon

    Rollins Pass Camping?

    I camped at the top point of Rollins West on a whim... I dont think there is much fishing on the west side. But there are a good number of camping spots along the whole route. Its bumpy AF the whole way. East side has a decent amount of camping near the lakes, and some on the way up, and a...
  14. Brandon

    Indel-B Fridge/Freezer Small Fridges on Sale!

    Wanted to pass this on if anyone was looking for a small fridge.
  15. Brandon

    Crystal River near Aspen

    Heavily according to witnesses. "Jeep community for the win" umm... No
  16. Brandon


    That castle looks sweet!
  17. Brandon

    Jeep LJ Pickup

    I am interested to see what they come up with when it actually is released. Sucks that it took them so long to make one. For the next vehicle I'm not holding my breath after Toyota's flop on the Gen 2.5 Tacoma. Hopefully I can swing an SUV instead of a pickup next time around.
  18. Brandon

    Day Trip Photo BS Thread

    Yeah, not too many people. saw the most people on the west side where there was an elk roadblock. Last picture was the only decent night shot. Clouds/moon were not cooperating. But, I had a nice dinner of potatoes and peas all by my lonesome up there.
  19. Brandon

    White River Forest north of Glenwood 7/22/16 - 7/24/16

    Are there any fire bans in the planned area of travel?
  20. Brandon

    Day Trip Photo BS Thread

    Yesterday was my first time in RMNP or on Trail Ridge Road. The scenery and conditions were horrible. Probably wont go back. :cool: