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  1. ExplorerTom

    Drifta bag - Oztent replacement bag

    The Oztent is a great tent- but they provide you with a crappy bag. A bag that is barely bigger than the tent itself. I’ve never had an easy time getting the tent back in the bag. Some times are easier than others, but none are “easy”. I ordered this bag from Drifta on 3/13/2020 and just...
  2. ExplorerTom

    Shiftpod ground tent They have these setup at the Cabela’s in Parker. Pretty cool.
  3. ExplorerTom

    Rezvani Saw this in traffic today. Apparently a pretty serious “bug out vehicle”. EMP protection, big ass V8 (Dodge Hellcat motor), big tires, good suspension..... All for the low starting price of $155,000.
  4. ExplorerTom

    Wheeled Altitude Record

    Pretty impressive.
  5. ExplorerTom

    Windows Up or Windows Down?

    When you are on the trail, what do you prefer: windows up or down? Me, I like them down. Having them down helps me to feel like I’m actually outside. Sure if can get dirty inside, but I don’t mind. Having them up I feel too insulated from what’s going on. What say you?
  6. ExplorerTom

    Matt’s Offroad Recovery

    I’ve been kind of obsessed with this Youtube channel lately. He’s from Hurricane, UT and does some interesting recoveries. Plenty of beautiful terrain. here’s one example (I can’t figure out how to link to the channel from my phone):
  7. ExplorerTom

    Why I won’t get rid of my rig...

    So while this video was done with the 80 series Land Cruiser in mind, if you were to change that to your particular vehicle, would you agree? Are there different reasons why you won’t get rid of yours? Or are you not attached to your current rig?
  8. ExplorerTom

    A lesson in preparedness.

    About 2.5 weeks ago I went 4wheeling with a buddy of mine. He just bought his “new” 100 series and installed some new tires and a suspension lift. The plan was to meet at the gas station and then head down to Hackett Gulch. I got there first and realized I didn’t have my usual tools in my shop...
  9. ExplorerTom

    Ground Tenters need NOT apply For anyone looking to spend more money ahead of ExPo West, you can sign up to be selected to take a guided trip to the event. But Ground Tenters are apparently not “overlandy”...
  10. ExplorerTom

    Kokopeli Trail - October 18-21

    Any interest? A group of us did this trail back in 2015 and I really liked it. I'm not real sure what the weather is like in that part of the country at that time of the year, but I figure higher elevations are even more questionable.
  11. ExplorerTom

    Crossing the Greenland Icecap Interesting watch.
  12. ExplorerTom

    Leaving expensive tent unattended

    If you were to go camping in a campground, would you have any reservations about leaving all day with your OZ Tent (or other high dollar tent) set up and unattended? Lots of other people in the campground coming and going.
  13. ExplorerTom

    Air Opus Camper I used to have a traditional popup camper. The interior volume it offered was nice- especially in bad weather, was nice.
  14. ExplorerTom

    Vehicle build for the sake of vehicle builds

    I'll admit that I spent a lot of time surfing various forums to check out vehicle builds. I came across this one and couldn't help but think he was building just for the sake of building:
  15. ExplorerTom

    Surplus ammo cans

    Is anyone looking for any .50 cal ammo cans? These are military surplus: metal with a seal. A buddy of mine bought a bunch (like 200) and is selling them for $10 each. If anyone is interested, let me know.
  16. ExplorerTom

    Road Tripping to San Diego - any must see/do?

    We will be headed to SD for a short weekend. Driving- just like any good "overlander" should. I know it's a long way to go and a short time to be there, but....... Our hotel is just north of Coronado Naval Air Station. The purpose of the trip is gymnastics but there will be plenty of time...
  17. ExplorerTom

    Camp cots

    i started this thread awhile ago: I've got some double sized air mattresses that I've used. But even if it doesn't have a leak, the decrease in air temp overnight will result in less pressure in the...
  18. ExplorerTom

    Tactical Bag......... hood?!?!?

    Seriously? I've seen some stupid stuff, but this might be in the running the The Stupidest.
  19. ExplorerTom

    Land Rover guys crack me up

    so I made the mistake of replying to a thread in the Land Rover subsection on ExPo. It was harmless at first but has since descended into brand bashing. I find it pretty funny.
  20. ExplorerTom

    Decision time

    unfortunately not the "what kind of badass custom bumper should I get" decision. A little over a year ago I was a dumbass while trying to install some auxiliary backup lights in my rear bumper. I made some templates for the hole cutouts, I measured where to put them so they'd be even, I...