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  1. Brad

    New Mexico/Arizona Back Country trip March 28-April 4 2020

    Will be posted this weekend on meetup for RSVP. Spots limited to 6 rigs including myself. We will be exploring a large section of the New Mexico Back Country Discovery Route (NMBDR) heading south from either the Colorado Border to Silver City, NM or from Grants, NM to Silver City depending on...
  2. Brad

    Whale hill/Cumberland pass 8/9-8/11

    Whale hill Cumberland pass trip Trail Leader: Brad Peterson Dates:August 9th-11th Meeting point: Wooly mammoth park and ride I-70 and Morrison rd 3:00pm We will be exploring a rich mining area just south of poncha springs. Friday: We will begin heading up whale hill Via turquoise mine...
  3. Brad

    No Excuses 2019

    just want to say Jenn and I had a blast despite the 2 cold nights. We arrived fairly late Friday night and managed to find Matt and Katie close to the raging creek. First night was cold but the second night was frigid! We met some great new members and enjoyed seeing some familiar faces. The...
  4. Brad

    Lake Powell legs April 6-13, 2019

    Lake Powell legs trip When: April 6-13 Where: We will be meeting at the rabbit valley exit #2 off I-70 at the Utah border at 9am on the 6th. For those of you who want to go up Friday night there is camping on the south side of I-70 off this exit. Approximate distance from Denver and back is...
  5. Brad

    Route planning seminar 3/9/19

    What: I will show how I route plan and go over some different options on how to properly plan a route. Feel free to come by and discuss trip planning. I will also have my rig available if anyone has questions about setting up their vehicle for overland travel. Where: JC’s British & 4X4 sales...
  6. Brad

    Alu-cab gen 3

    Special thank you to Ben, Juniper Overland and OK4wd for helping me get this! I really can’t wait to try it out!
  7. Brad

    Overland seminar January 19th 10a-2pm

    What: Overland outfitting with Q&A When: Jan 19th 10am to 2:00pm Where: JC’s British & 4x4 1631 w Hamilton pl Englewood CO 80110 Rocky Mountain Overland will have a few rigs on hand to show and tell as well as take questions on how to properly set up and modify a vehicle for overland travel.
  8. Brad

    Great video explaining auxiliary power.

    I am a avid follower and patron to Andrew st Pierre White. This video explains why most of us have our auxiliary charging set up incorrectly.
  9. Brad

    April 2019. Possible trip I’m planning out.

    I know Ben is looking to take another shot at el Camino del Diablo, not sure if we can make that one, so we’re thinking this. Burr trail, hole in the rock road southern Utah.
  10. Brad

    Good powder coater

    As many of you know, I was rear ended about 6 weeks ago. I have bought front and rear bumpers and am having them metalized. As per Eric at tactical rovers it is best to powder coat them locally. So I am looking for a good powder coater here to get this done.
  11. Brad

    How not to set up your rig

    Came across this video, I strongly recommend avoiding setting up your rig like this guy. The electrical issues alone :eek: Watch for yourself:
  12. Brad

    Moab May 24-28 2018

    Planning a backcountry trip with few spaces as we will be camping in dispersed areas on either the southern area by needles or the new area In the funtreks book up by I-70 including little Grand Canyon and a few other trails. Nothing extreme but very scenic. This is still in planning phase so no...
  13. Brad

    This explains it...

    I have been watching a lot of 4xoverland and have to thank Andrew and Paul for their sound advice on vehicle setup. The beginning of this video really explains why we do this.
  14. Brad

    Shop day 3-18/19

    Might be doing a weekender, have a few small things to do on more than one vehicle. There is always room for more people. Post up if your interested.
  15. Brad

    Shop day 1-21-17

    Having a shop day on the 21st at my work if anyone needs a lift and/or help on their rigs. Only a few of us with some easy work so far. I am planning on being there at 9am unless someone needs me there earlier. Wolfsburg Autowerks...
  16. Brad

    washdown kit

    As I have been researching my own onboard water set up came across this kit on Amazon. Johnson Pumps 64535 12V Aqua Jet 3.5 Wash Down Kit
  17. Brad

    Wiring anyone?

    I get to put this: Into this 2016 Range Rover: Because of this pinched wire for the seat belt tensioner:
  18. Brad

    Now here's something...

    You don't see every day. And before you ask, no it is not a 6 wheel drive.
  19. Brad

    The latest in bolt on accessories!

    Offering no performance value whatsoever, found these on a Range Rover.
  20. Brad

    Trans America trail in LR4

    May have been posted but I hadn't seen this. Friend of Jay Leno did this: