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  1. Brandon

    Anyone have a lead on a small trailer?

    Tossing around the idea of dragging around a small trailer on my coming journey. It would make it a bit easier for sleeping (RTT on the trailer), vs an inside bed platform by removing the front passenger and rear seats. Most camping will be hammock or tent, but for rainy/grizzly areas, I'd...
  2. Brandon

    Tacoma Alcan Custom Leaf pack GB

    Group buy on TW on custom leaf pack. I think we have 7, need 10.
  3. Brandon

    Meet and Greet 8/8/16

    It seems like most are not thrilled with the existing meetup location. It has been talked about before, but nothing has been done. How about moving the location to the Cannonball Creek Brewing Company location that has been suggested in the past. It is a little further west, but is easily...
  4. Brandon

    Day Trip Photo BS Thread

    Since many day trips dont really need a full write up... And we dont want to clutter the BS thread with on topic talk.... Went up to Deer Creek/Swan River and enjoyed the views. Still a lot of snow up there, and it was said to be completely clear, but the snow had washed back across some areas...
  5. Brandon

    Guitar Stand

    Anyone need a guitar stand? I bought one with the guitar that I was going to try and learn... and ruined since they are high maintenance little fokers and have to be humidified and pampered hourly apparently. :D But I have one of those $10-15 stands from Guitar Center that I have little use...
  6. Brandon

    Recovery gear

    I've got a bit of extra recovery equipment and need to downsize to get some of it in the truck. 2 3/8" x 30', 17,000 lb Rating Snatch Strap - $50 2" x 30' Recovery Strap - 20,000 lb Capacity - $35 3/4" shackle - $15 Both straps have been used a few times, nothing wrong with them. Just have...
  7. Brandon


    Just wanted to post this up here and see if anyone was interested. Beg of October my lease is up. I MUST have a garage. Two years without one and I cannot do it again. Needless to say, a two car garage usually comes with 3+ bedrooms, I only need one. And the fact that those are $2k+/mo I'd...
  8. Brandon

    GPX Editor

    I have a GPX file that I want to delete some wrong turns. I've downloaded a couple editors, and with this one I can easily join two files, and it'll cut the track once.. then just "not respond" until I have to kill it. Another one looked nicer but...
  9. Brandon

    DinoTards 2016

    This trip was a running of the annual Dinosaur Run that was set up by Ed, @topgeek , but was to be his first on four wheels. A few of us suckers; @Ryanhockey21, @ZigsRig, @Wyatt and myself followed along to explore the NW corner of the state, enjoy good food, and remind Ed just how close he was...
  10. Brandon

    Tacos on Yankee Hill

    Finalized plans at midnight Saturday to go attempt Yankee Hill and see what we could do. Snow wasn't too bad, not sure how much snow was dropped and when, but we were the first ones for most of the sections. I was leading at the beginning and was not having much trouble without airing down...
  11. Brandon

    Renogy Solar Group Buy

    Wanted to post this over here if anyone was interested in saving some monies! I'm not getting in on it since I have spent WAYY too much recently. But I can add your name to the list and keep you in the...
  12. Brandon

    Fruita, tomorrow and Wed

    Not sure how many people mountain bike around these parts but I figured I would post up. Going to head to Fruita tomorrow morning and ride out there since its dry! Camp somewhere and repeat on Wednesday... maybe return Wed afternoon or evening or camp and repeat and head back Thursday. If...
  13. Brandon

    Snowpocalypse Fresh tracks on Switzerland Trail

    Saw a last minute trail run attempt at Switzerland Trail on a Toyota facebook group. I had not been there and if I rushed I would be able to make it. I hit up @Natebert since he lives in the Republic of Boulder where we were set to meet. The roads were boring on the way up, no snow sticking...
  14. Brandon

    RMNP ... or somewhere. NOW?

    Anyone bored and want to do a little sight seeing or driving? I havent been to RMNP yet and unfortunately only Bear Lake Rd is open but I may head up there before the snow comes.
  15. Brandon

    Yankee Hill... shortly

    Seeing if anyone was interested. Going to try and get a truck or two up to Yankee Hill just to get outside. Figure it should be more packed down than other stuff. Working on a time but probably within an hour or two.
  16. Brandon

    White Rim Trail, Moab- March 2016

    First off, a big thanks to Shawn, @overlandjeep for putting this trip together, it sucked that you were not able to enjoy it with us, we had a great time! Here is my complete photo album, some taken with my phone some with the camera. White Rim Photos Being the weekend prior to the 50th...
  17. Brandon

    Discount Tire $100 off $400+ purchase thru 3/16/16 Its back through the 16th, just wanted to pass on the good word. Promo...
  18. Brandon

    Official BS Thread

    At the center of any great organization, is a steaming pile of BS... so, I think its about time that there is an official BS thread on this forum. :D To start it off, I present an example of stupid... becoming mainstream. It amazes me that such marketing gets through the departments of large...
  19. Brandon

    SE Utah Tour Feb 2016

    Wohoo for camera practice! All pictures were taken with a new to me Sony Nex-6 with the 16-50mm lens that it came with. Second time shooting with it outside. I many were shot in full manual mode, but bounced back to "program auto" when I didnt feel like resetting it from a photo that was...
  20. Brandon

    Photography critiquing thread

    A place for everyone to post up pics for advice...