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  1. Natebert

    Sloppy Steering

    Anyone have a detailed checklist for where to look when your steering starts feeling vague? Fluids, bolt torques, loose ball joints, worn bushings..... Probably my imagination since I'm comparing it to my sports car but my JK seems to be reacting slower than it used to. I'd love a complete list...
  2. Natebert

    Solar Panel

    What are you guys liking for solar panels & controllers these days? Any recommendations for manufacturers to target or avoid? Needed features? Mostly to be used for augmenting running a fridge but may need to do other things. I'm looking at a MOHOO 100W Bendable Foldable...
  3. Natebert

    Colorado Geology

    This is probably the best put together geology video I've ever seen. Explains a lot of the stuff we see driving through CO and watching it probably should be a residency requirement for people moving here ;)
  4. Natebert

    COBDR pt2 7/14/17

    A great trip through beautiful scenery. Nothing too hard for driving but there were some large mud puddles and river crossings. We met up at a campsite a bit north of Gypsome Friday night. 8 rigs and 9 people. Saturday morning we started south from there on the trail through the White River NF...
  5. Natebert

    Full Overland Jeep Build

    Here's a complete build with parts and explanations of why for building a high end overland rig. You can pick and choose pieces for your rig without going quite this wild.
  6. Natebert

    Eclipse Viewing Jackson, WY Aug 21, 2017

    I'm planning a trip to go see the solar eclipse this August. According to the internet we can get a really good view anywhere in the middle of Wyoming. I'm planning to head for Jackson and the Tetons. Camping, Hiking, and lots of other stuff...
  7. Natebert

    Goblin Valley

    The trip started well with Brandon, Leon, Marla, and Nate meeting in still snowy Evergreen at 6pm Wed to head west. We made it to a BLM campsite outside Glenwood Springs that night and met some hippies there and watched a few meteors together. Thursday we went out to Horseshoe canyon via the...