2014 Fuso FG 4x4 Phoenix Camper

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  1. Butch1979

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    It’s been an AWESOME year with this camper (we purchased in Jan 2016) as a demo from Phoenix Custom Campers here in Denver and have traveled all over the west in this truck. We have recently been provided an opportunity to live abroad and can’t pass up the chance. So “Sally Ross” is up for sale.


    This camper is currently financed with USAA under a typical RV loan, proving you can easily get an RV loan for this camper and enjoy everything it has to offer.


    2014 Fuso FG 4x4 with 19,000 miles

    PRICE: $99,000

    ¥ Standard double welded tubular aluminum cage frame, and it has a
    ¥ Double foiled 2″ insulation for the*walls and ceiling
    ¥ Space Age Synthetics quality linoleum flooring
    ¥ Plastic plywood external storage
    ¥ Fiberglass reinforced light weight build
    ¥ Custom paint and graphics
    ¥ Triple Layer Double Foiled Single Bubble Insulated Soft Side Liner *
    ¥ Stiez S7 windows with Komfort Rolo*
    ¥ high quality screens and blinds on all windows for added comfort
    ¥ Screen entry door
    ¥ Glow steps and glow rail
    ¥ Queen size loft bed
    ¥ 5′′*Mattress with Gel memory foam top
    ¥ Under bed storage with assisted lift
    ¥ Ultra leather Bordeaux Lounge that makes into 2nd*bed
    ¥ 12v and 120 v Power with Go Power 2000W pure sine inverter, 4×200 amp 6VBatteries
    ¥ 200 W Global Solar battery charging system
    ¥ Electric Roof lift System
    ¥ LED ceiling lighting
    ¥ 18’ Cocoa leaf Drum Pendant lamp
    ¥ Multi Colored Guayabano leaf lamp
    ¥ Heki 4 roof hatch with screen and blind and remote control, Fantastic Fan Vent
    ¥ Microwave with convection oven
    ¥ 2 Way 3.6 cu ft Fridge with freezer
    ¥ Large Solid Surface Single sink
    ¥ Beautiful Custom Solid Surface counter tops
    ¥ Tiled back splash
    ¥ Dickinson 2 burner gas stove with cutting board cover
    ¥ Girard tankless hot water heater
    ¥ Exterior shower to keep the mud outside
    ¥ Interior Shower with all the needed shampoo, conditioner, body wash dispenser
    ¥ Cassette toilet
    ¥ Both*Interior and Exterior wet and dry Storage is abundant
    ¥ Spare tire compartment with tire
    ¥ Blue flame heater with thermostat
    ¥ Custom Cabinetry with slide out drawers
    ¥ Slide out trash can
    ¥ Overhead cabinets with*wine glass rack
    ¥ Silverware and utensil drawers
    ¥ Pantry
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  2. Brad

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    Jenn and I want to build one of those but not for another 5 years or so.
  3. Butch1979

    Butch1979 New Member

    I hear ya... Posted same thing on expo:

    Food for thought: When you are ready, it will take 6-12 months to build and be almost DOUBLE the asking price of this 2 year old rig.

    We got a good deal on this unit as a demo from the builder, so we are passing on the good kharma. Does that make it harder to say no? LOL... Maybe you should see it in person....
  4. ExplorerTom

    ExplorerTom Well-Known Member

    Bring it to the Meet and Greet on 2/14. You'll get a lot of eyes on it.
  5. jerdog53

    jerdog53 Moderator

    It was nice meeting you yesterday Donald and getting a full tour!
  6. Butch1979

    Butch1979 New Member


    Is the meeting Tuesday 2/14? We've been meaning to make it to one of these for over a year now
  7. Brad

    Brad Administrator

    Moved to Wednesday the 15th due to Valentine's Day.
  8. Butch1979

    Butch1979 New Member

    Awesome! Sally Ross (camper) and I should be able to make that an have a few beers with you guys.
  9. Warnertew

    Warnertew New Member

    Its a shame I didnt need one at this time. It looked like a VERY nice camper for the price.

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