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2018 Arizona Adventure 3/28-4/1


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Originally I had planned on doing El Camino del Diablo at the end of March but, thanks to Craig, realized the road will be closed for wildlife mating. I canceled that trip and putting this one up instead.

The plan is to head to southern Arizona chasing the warmth. We will start on the southern side working out way up over 3 days. I’ve been looking at maps and have a route consisting mostly of dirt. My guess is most of the trails are going to be at the dirt road level and don’t expect anything too technical. With that said my information fairly sparse so be prepared to for any difficulty level.

We should be less remote than El Camino del Diablo and I don’t have fuel concerns but since it’s the desert I would always have extra water.

This is trip is going to be run blind, ie non pre-scouting or trail information, so anything is possible. We may hit dead ends, trail closures, and other obstacles. These kinds of trips into the unknown are what I consider to be the heart of overloading. If you are coming flexibility and a good attitude are a must since things won’t always go to plan.

We will be in a remote desert for several days. In addition to the usual food and camping gear extra water should be considered. Consider 2 gallons per person per day. With the loose terrain sand ladders such as Maxtrax are a good idea but not required.

Ham radio’s are not required but like all of our trips highly recommended. If you don’t have your license it’s fairly easy to get. Backcountrycomms.com has more information.

When: 7:00am Wednesday March 28th - Sunday April 1st
Where: Conoco 9215 Lincoln Ave, Lone Tree 80124
Comms: Ham 146.550