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4 days in Moab mid October


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Anyone interested in a Moab trip?

The kids are out of school the second full week in October so we are thinking of doing 4-5 days in Moab. It's actually been a long time since I was wheeling out there and that was back in my 404.1 Unimog which on 38's made everything easy. Now I am in a 2012 Silverado which is much more mild than wild (2" lift, 33's, Wildernest) and looking for some family friendly (7 and 12 year olds) trail recommendations. I picked up a copy of Well's Moab guide (3rd ed) but as most people know there are a ton of trails to chose from in Moab. In particular good places to pop open the wildernest and take in the sunset/sunrise. It will be a new moon so if the WX holds i'm hoping for some great star gazing / astral photography.

Anyway I am considering Hurrah Pass, Hell Roaring Rim, Crystal Geyser, etc

Have been wanting to hike Mill Creek Waterfall Trail and since it is the off season it might be a good time to check out some of the classic arches since it won't be over-run with people.

Thanks in advance,