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4 XD Addicts, 17 x 9


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I pulled the trigger on some new wheels and tires (narrower), so these are available. I will be at the happy hour on Tuesday, and could bring them if there is interest.
4 - XD Addicts model 798 17x9. New, they are $195 each plus shipping. You can see the specs at this link. http://www.tirerack.com/wheels/WheelCloseUpServlet?autoMake=Toyota&autoModel=Tacoma+Double+Cab&autoYear=2011&autoModClar=4wd&target=runWheelSearch&wheelMake=KMC+XD+Series&wheelModel=XD798+Addict&wheelFinish=Black+Painted&AID=10398365&PID=2206300&SID=two1146522

Very minimal rock rash. One of the plastic lugs broke off on one wheel. I have a replacement, just haven't gotten to put it in yet. Otherwise look good. They weigh 25 lbs, which is fairly light for a 17" wheel. Toyota factory wheels generally range from 27 to 32 lbs.

I'm seeking $400 for the set of four wheels. TPMS not included. Tires available separately.

Thanks for looking!
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