April 2019. Possible trip I’m planning out.

Discussion in 'Overland Trip Planning' started by Brad, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Brad

    Brad Administrator

    EDC903F1-D305-46E1-AF40-C033BD47DED7.png I know Ben is looking to take another shot at el Camino del Diablo, not sure if we can make that one, so we’re thinking this. Burr trail, hole in the rock road southern Utah.
  2. ExplorerTom

    ExplorerTom Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in both. Not sure I can make both. But we are like 7 months out, so who knows.
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  3. mikeinCO

    mikeinCO Active Member

    Looks interesting!
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  4. Morris Yarnell

    Morris Yarnell Well-Known Member

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  5. Brad

    Brad Administrator

    Your right Morris, it requires more research, I wanted to find some off the beaten path roads to check out along burr trail. Also want to reach the end of hole in the rock road. This is mostly a check to see if anyone else is interested. Jenn and I were thinking of doing it solo but thought it’s too beautiful to not share with some friends. ;)
  6. Morris Yarnell

    Morris Yarnell Well-Known Member

    My calendar has no entries for next April, so pencil me in for an adventure. I looked in my Utah trails book and really did not find any useful info. Might post on the Expedition Utah site and ask for some insight to the area, got to be someone that has been there and can give tips on road conditions for the particular time of year. Lots of trips are weather dependent and if it has impact it is good to know.

    The ROF group is thinking about a trip to Montana next July for fly fishing, might like to do that one too.

    Now that we are back from Nova Scotia I am thinking that another trip like that might wait a year or so, maybe longer. There is so much bus time that it can be more tiring getting on and off the bus for a 45 min sight seeing break than is worth it. Takes a bit of time to get 40 old fat people off a bus to look at a location and the accompanying gift shop to see a tea cup with the particular site name on it made in China.

    edit: Posted an inquiry on EX Utah about the trail. Let's see what response I get.
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  7. mikeinCO

    mikeinCO Active Member

    I am interested but will have to see on timing with the family of course. Also have to make sure the Disco is up to the task as well.
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  8. Morris Yarnell

    Morris Yarnell Well-Known Member

    I did get a good response to requests for info on Overland Bound site. I've copied it here for you.

    "The Burr is about a 1.5 out o 10 in difficulty. It is paved outside of the Capitol Reef boundaries, dirt only in the National Park section. The switchbacks are dramatic but easily driven. I highly recommend the Hell's Backbone Grill in Boulder on the north end of the Burr. Combining Notam Road makes for a great loop.

    A short side trip on Upper Muley Twist (37°51'12.5"N 111°02'35.2"W) to trailhead and then a short walk to the Strike Valley Overlook (37°53'00.0"N 111°02'31.4"W). There are numerous arches along Upper Muley Twist and the drive is demanding enough to be a break from the easiness of the Burr. High clearance required."

    I am sure there is more information available but so far my research has only gotten a bit of it.

    the ROF trip to fly fish in Montana got canceled, bummer
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  9. Morris Yarnell

    Morris Yarnell Well-Known Member

    I asked about camping so here is more info from an OB poster:
    'No dispersed camping inside the National Park boundary, but outside is fair game. The boundaries are well marked. There are numerous side roads that will have opportunities for dispersed camping. I use Google Maps satellite view or Google Earth to pick out some possible camp locations before a trip, though often I spot better ones along the way.'
  10. Warnertew

    Warnertew New Member

    Also guys I am looking at something purely for pre-planning a trip. It does not need to transfer to a GPS or come along with me at all.
  11. Brad

    Brad Administrator

    So I spent some time refining my idea and dates. Planning this trip for April 6-13. It does not involve burr. Instead it is approaching lake Powell from 3 points with some cool activities along the way. POI, slot canyons and some fairly dark skies for some good star gazing. Starts with blue notch road, possibly exploring more just south of there, maybe even a halls crossing ferry ride, still looking into that. Moving down and around Page AZ to Alstrom point. Again possibly exploring more there, smoky mtn area? Then up through cottonwood canyon to escalate UT and down to Hole in the rock road, all the way to the end. There are several slot canyons plus devils garden to explore. I have been here before solo but did not make it to the end.

    These trails are all pretty easy but are pretty remote so carrying some extra fuel will be recommended. We will have chances to drop into some towns and stock up if need be. Still deciding on rig count but everywhere I am looking is pretty open so a preliminary count is probably going to be around 6. Please post any questions.

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  12. Natebert

    Natebert Member

    That looks great. I'll join you if the timing works out.
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  13. Brandon

    Brandon Well-Known Member

    I know you mentioned it this weekend, figured I'd pop in and check it out.

    I'll try to check on it once in a while. I was thinking of a month long trip around that time if I'm still here, so that could be a good start.
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  14. OverWhere?

    OverWhere? New Member

    Lee and I had such a good time last May I'd like to reserve a spot. I'll firm it up by the Feb meet and greet.
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  15. Timothy Floyd

    Timothy Floyd New Member

    Brad, Tim Floyd here. I chatted with you last weekend at JC's. Please count me in on this trip. As I mentioned I have a teardrop I would want to use on this trip. It is lifted to be as high as my Jeep. Let me know if you have any concerns with that.
    I am looking forward to the planning meetings.

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  16. Morris Yarnell

    Morris Yarnell Well-Known Member

    I hope to be included in this trip.
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  17. Matthew G Kepler

    Matthew G Kepler New Member

    Brad, I'm not sure I can commit to this as I do have work, but I'm trying to figure out if I can meet up with you somewhere along the way. Are you going to try and use Gaia for this? I might give it a shot just for fun.
  18. Adam Z

    Adam Z New Member

    Val and I are interested. We'll already be in the Moab area April 5-7.

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