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Backcountry Navigator questions/tips


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I am attempting to DL topo maps for offline use for the app and its seeming to be quite a pain or I am doing something incorrectly.

CalTopo US 24k is the map source, I select areas for download, highlight a bunch of area (I wish you could zoom out when doing this), and then let it do its thing but it seems to only get it on some certain levels of zoom.

Should I download to a new map cache or do the default one? If I save it to the default will it be on all of the maps or just the main one? I am downloading to 14 level zoom which I would think is a decent level that keeps the maps small.

Is there an easier way to download the whole state at a certain level then messing with this square by square crap that I can load into BCN?


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For example, I made a new map file for the CalTopo stuff, downloaded it to a 14 zoom level, and it seems that it shows up fine, but it wont zoom out past level 10, so it is only downloading between zoom levels 10 and 14, is that normal?

And I have been getting the topo maps in PDF version from the site mentioned in another thread, but they are much too large to download the whole state since they zoom in quite a bit.


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I struggled to get an understanding of that one quickly and have hardly used it since then

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I'm glad somebody else has this problem. My experience is similar. I can download the maps to a new map cache. While online/at-home, I can switch to that cache and zoom in. But when I'm on trail and no service, I too can only zoom in to about 10 before it complains about no map data (or something similar). Very frustrating.


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It seems like a great app, just that map part is a little annoying. I like how you can load the trails, I guess even if the maps dont load, just having the trails will help once you get on the trail to see the track at a fork.
And I think I have them so they are at least there when offline, I turn off wifi and have no mobile data and it seems to load as long as I select the correct overlays.