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Black Mountain


Took a day trip to Black Mountain. It is in Park county, southwest of Guffey. I've been driving by this road for ten years and finally decided to take a look.....glad I did.
Black Mtn has some history and science for those interested in such things. Black and nearby Waugh Mtn were the home range of "Old Mose" the grizzly bear, legendary killer of hundreds of cattle and a half dozen men. Old Mose was hunted down and killed on Black Mtn in 1904.
Black mtn is also home to bristlecone pine trees, the oldest being about 2,500 years.
I like this terrain a lot. Hilly grassland with scattered timber covered peaks. The peaks really stand out - Black mtn is about 11,500 high, the 360° view from its southern flank is excellent.
Black mtn (looking north)

Pikes Peak (looking east)

Waugh mtn (looking south)

Mt Ouray (looking west)


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Looks like a great day trip! There's a lot of great places in Park County and close to the Front Range. Thanks for posting, starting to get excited for summer!