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  1. Wyatt

    Wyatt Active Member

    As some of you know I bought 1st gen tacoma for a daily driver.
    Bought the truck from the original owner with 247k miles on it, he had a full service record, and in talking to him after I bought it, learned he had driven it all the way up to Alaska, all across canada, to the east coast multiple times, California and Oregon and few times, and down into Baja mexico. So I knew it was well taken care of, and I could tell that he had an emotional attachment to the truck, and it seemed bitter sweet that he was selling it, but he was using the money to build a Ford 4x4 van and a 4th gen 4runner for adventure. I picked it up and took it to Juniper where I slapped it on the lift and give it a good look over. And nearly everything was in great mechanical condition, the shocks were bad and the tires were on the way out too. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Wyatt

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    I took at trip up to rocky mountain national park with my dad for fathers days. It was beautiful out, went fishing in Cascade creek and had a go at fishing Fall river, and then continued to the top of Old Fall River road, and down trail ridge road. The little 2.7 sure is down on power to the Jeeps 4.7 V8 from the Jeep but even up there at 12,000 feet it still couple get that little truck moving pretty well and has a good amount of torque. It definitely helps that it has a 5 speed manual instead of the Auto. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. Wyatt

    Wyatt Active Member

    Next up was new shocks! Nothing too fancy but some nice Bilstien 5100s, Turns out the truck had some newish bilstien 4600, but they were a bit soft. And the front were factory toyota, meaning they had 250k miles, while the shock was still good (toyota quality) the bushing were totally shot, the metal sleeve was basically sitting on the shock body its self. A couple hours of work and Burt is good to go with some nice shocks. It ended up lifting the front end about an inch, I chose not to lift it (you can with these coilovers up to 3"), but still ended up a little higher than before, I got some rear lift shackles from a buddy but haven't had the time to put them on yet to level it out.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  4. Wyatt

    Wyatt Active Member

    Next was to replace the old worn out BFG All Terrain KOs with something newer and less dry rotten.
    I went back and forth with this for a while as to what tires to by and what size, style, and so on.
    I ended up killing so much time that a buddy of mine was moving and didn't want to take a set of 2nd gen tacoma steel wheels, well they happened to be a 16x7, and I had a set of 235/85r16 General Grabber at2s just taking up space in the garage. I did some quick size checking/comparing, and while they were an inch or so larger than the 31x10.50r15 It had on, they weren't any bigger than the factory tire size. Biggest being a 265/75r16 found of the trd off road. The 235 is a 32x9.5 and would fit without rubbing, and I was able to kill 2 birds with one stone, get those out of the garage and give them and the taco new life with some good tires.
    Had them mounted and installed them at home. And then pulled the topper off for fun.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. Wyatt

    Wyatt Active Member

    Took it for a quick and fun wheeling trip to test it all out.
    Bright trail Near Allen's Park is one of my go too trails for testing stock rigs because you can slowly work up to obstacles and this rock section being the hardest, in which you have to go up it then come down as the trail dead ends a mile or so later. Burt did great, this is probably about as hard of a trail as I will do with him. He is not going to be a Wheeling Rig I have my Jeep for that. I may take Burt out to explore trails like this as it allows them to be a challenge again where the jeep would cruise this without a second thought. For example I added some photos of the Jeep on T33A which is rated 6-7/10 vs bright which is 3/10. CoWj went the entire trail without using a locker, winch, taking a second line, spinning a tire, or getting high centered. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  6. Wyatt

    Wyatt Active Member

    Just going through my phone and found that there have been a few changes to little Burt. In chronological order would be using Burt to move back to Gunnison for fall semester. With the drawer system in the Jeep, it's cargo capacity is very limited to compared to when I did this move last year. So the logical choice was to slap the topper back on top of Burt, load him up and make the drive down to Gunnison.
    So the topper went back on, and I still am not sure if it looks better with or without the topper.
    0821181259_HDR.jpeg 0823181052_HDR.jpeg
    Loaded up with all my college items I set out for the 230 mile drive South to Gunnison. This was the longest drive I have done with Burt thus far and took about 5 hours with stops and being one of the slowest vehicles on the passes.
    Making my way up Kenosha, looking for a dirt road to pull off on and eat some lunch.
    Not a bad view for lunch.
    Back on the road the next test was Monarch pass, a steep winding pass that ends up at over 11,300 feet. Not the highest I've taken him but it's up there, Old Fall River road and Trail Ridge Road was the highest for me at 12,183'
    0823181528_HDR.jpeg Starting the climb!
    0823181528a.jpeg passing the old mine.
    Burt did surprisingly well on that steep of a pass, loaded down. He seemed more than happy to sit at 45-50mph in 3rd gear, that had the engine sit at just under 3k rpm, the temperature stayed Rock solid in the the middle of the gauge. After descending monarch I made the last 45 minutes to Gunnison without any issue.

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  7. Wyatt

    Wyatt Active Member

    And the photos are sideways again.... Gotta figure that out.

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  8. ExplorerTom

    ExplorerTom Well-Known Member

    I normally like pickups without toppers, but yours looks better with it on. Without it, it looks........ neutered.
  9. Wyatt

    Wyatt Active Member

    Yeh with the single cab it is very mixed I think it look better with it as well. But for function off if better while I'm not home.

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  10. Wyatt

    Wyatt Active Member

    Did some wheeling around Hartman Rocks to kill time before I could move into my dorm for the year. This was the second time wheeling Burt. This time with all my living supplies in the back. I started it just finding some light trails but as it was getting dark I ended up pushing farther and farther into Hartman's. About an hour in I stopped taking pictures because it was too dark and I was more concerned about finding a way out without turning back. So I eventually found my self at the Aberdeen Rock Quarry. Pushing farther West I eventually found my self at the far South Western corner after starting in the North Eastern corner. I ended up being out for much longer than I thought, around 5 hours of low range exploring around the area. Started around 6 and for back into town at 11:15. But it was done of the most fun wheeling I had done in a long time. Sure in the Jeep aired down I could have made this entire trip in less than an hour. But to take a very lightly modified vehicle into unknown terrain was an absolute blast.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  11. Wyatt

    Wyatt Active Member

    The next day I had an excuse to go to Crested Butte, to pick up GF from her day being an orientation leader up there so why take the highway like everyone else? So I took my favorite way up there which is up and over Ohio Creek pass to Keblar pass. Nothing hard and no low range action but just a fun for road climb up through an aspen forest which is broke up at the top by a few large rock slides. In the fall this is one of the most amazing drives to see leaves changing color. It takes about twice as long as normal but well worth extra time to see the amazing land scapes in the area.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  12. Wyatt

    Wyatt Active Member

    **Note I Do not recommend this as your method of moving the shed**
    The move:
    I realized I skipped ahead and missed a key couple days from back before I left for Gunnison.
    My mom gave my dad and I a list of things to complete on the house before I went away for college. While we had completed nearly all of them including taking down a large loafing shed left in the field by the previous owners. Next was to move the shed across the yard.
    Only a matter of 100' or so. The ground was mostly flat and all we had to do was rotate the shed 90° in the end for it to face the right way.
    My dad and I spent a good 4 or 5 days coming with ideas of how to move it. And until the day we started we planned on lifting the roof off and taking each wall over separately. The night before the weekend we planned on moving it my dad and I were sitting and watching an Episode of 4WD action and I jokingly said " hey, why don't we just pull it across with Burt."
    Currently the Jeep had the entire front axle pulled out of it so winching it or pulling with the Jeep was out of the question.
    We kinda of laughed at the idea for a bit but then figured out that it might work. We formulate a plan to cut up some of the old telephone poles and use them as rollers to move the shed Easter island style.
    The day of the move...
    We started by bracing the walls of the shed, adding horizontal pieced about 3' off the base board to give the walls some structure. Then it was figuring out how to lift this shed, it sat on a concrete foundation that had been broken up previously, but it had about 16 bolts that were set in the concrete to make sure this shed never shifted in winds or hell even a tornado.
    We used two Hilift Jack's to lift half of the shed a couple inches up then set it down on some wooden planks and moved to the other side where we did the same. Eventually we had it a good 6" off the ground and could fit out smallest rollers underneath it.
    Next we had to over come the fact that oneside of the foundation was 10" off the ground, so we build a ramp with a 16' 2"x10" and hoped it would work.
    Next it was time to prepare the move. [​IMG][​IMG]
    The strap was hooked to a cross brace in the door. I had Burt in 1st gear low, and the hubs unlocked as traction was not an issue but control and slow pulling power was. We start to slowly pull and move the shed inches at a time. Slowly counting down until the ramp, my dad was poises and ready with a couple more rollers for when it hit the ramp.
    It inched forward, it hit the ramp. And all of a sudden the shed kicks sideways and goes down the all cockeyed, amazingly it made it to the bottom, no rollers, it didn't collapse or anything. My dad and I were shocked.
    Next came 2 days of moving a couple feet an hour. Slowly making our way across the yard. Moving rollers digging out part of the plant berm to fit the shed through. Hoping our measurements were correct that it would fit between the live power pole and the scrap wood from the loafing shed that we had yet to get rid of yet. Slowly but surely the shed made it's way across the yard to it's new home.[​IMG][​IMG]
    Finally we had to turn it another 90° and get it seated back into the spot next to the garage where is would stay.
    Eventually after 6 hours of slowly spinning in a few degrees at a time and moving Burt around three dozen times pulling from different angles and my dad and I pushing and rocking it on rollers we got it into the spot that it now sits. [​IMG]
    Now we quickly leveled it with some flat sandstone rocks until we build a concrete base. Next was to go out to dinner to celebrate the fact that nothing broken the shed didn't fall apart and our crazy idea actually worked without disassembling the shed.
    My mom came home from vacation a couple days later to a moved shed which made her happy! Win win!

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