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coleman grills


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who knows them well? both gas and propane?

i have a newer (well, ok, about 20 year old) propane stove that the last couple of times won't keep a high flow at elevation. it starts out great, then peters off. i'm not so sure it's not the bottles, i left the two bottles i had with a friend at expo, i'll ask him how they did, but a couple years ago on a 9 day killpecker run, we tried three bottles or so before we found one that kicked ass, then last sept and this trip, i put bottles on and they were blasting the flames for about 1 minute, then they just petered out. flipping the bottle upside down made no difference and the bottles were both over half full.

in preparation, i dug out my old old old 425d (the oddball 425) to see if i could get it to work. it will light, but won't really keep lit unless i i keep pumping the lever, but then again, i think the last time it was used was over 20 years ago i may not even remember how to use it ;)


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have you made sure the jets are clean
that probably wouldnt explain the working then stopping part thought


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on the propane, i found a couple of folks with the same issues. first one thought it was his regulator and that wasn't it, but he found a small copper filter in the end and drilled a couple small holes in it and it now works like a champ. second guy copied the first and got same results, so looks like i'm drilling holes in a small filter on the regulator. if it works, i'll post up info because i did read you have to be careful where you drill since the deal to push on the plunger is in the same area.


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My Coleman is terrible. Propane and the regulators are pretty much full blast of off. Slight touches of the regulator dial cam kind of get a medium heat.


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I've rocked my 2 burner propane Coleman for at least 10 years with only one good dismantle and cleaning. I found it cooks, sizzles and simmers very well. I recently picked up a white gas 416 to be more eco-friendly and have the shakedown this weekend. I just cleaned and lubed the plunger and and getting the right hand workout pumping that thing.


It's all I rock is white gas all they need is a little maintainer once in a while. My single burner 508 worked flawlessly for 20 years before it needed a new generator. My 425 a 70s vintage I bought second hand 15 years ago required a new generator 4 years back. All function flawlessly!