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Death Valley


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We didn't do to much airing up and down. We aired down when we did Echo and back up the next morning for the run into town then back down after the crater and up at the end so it wasn't really a big deal.

As far as lessons learned, I think it was how dust gets into every nook and cranny. I don't know if I would have done anything really different or wished I had something I didn't. Overall just a fun trip.


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I came to the conclusion in need more ports to plug stuff in for charging and a full time mounted inverter so I can plug stuff in that doesn't have a DC plug on it. And it it exponentially faster when your partner is with you for setting up and packing camp up and helps way more then you realize with charging as I am driving.
Now I need to have her get more as much vacation time as I have
Nice write up. I live in paranoia of the overtorqued lug nut, so I carry a 19mm socket with an 18 inch breaker bar in the back. Although the cheater you used appears to have MUCH more mechanical advantage!


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The hi-lift handle is an old trick. I used to have one that I cross drilled and put a d-clip on so it was easy to pull the handle for cases like that. I need to do it to this one as well.


Thanks for the report.
ref tire changing: After bad experiences with tire shop wheel lug torque + lousy factory lug wrenches I've learned: (1) When you get home from the tire shop break all of the lug nuts free and retorque them yourself. (2) Carry a 4-way lug wrench. A 3/4" breaker bar w/correct socket is good.
Alloy wheels are particularly prone to having steel lug nuts being inertia welded to the wheel by a tire shop impact wrench.

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Last two times I have gone to tire shop I have insisted they not use the air wrench and only torque them.
Not a problem...they will do it but only if you ask. Saves me the issue of not having to get a hernia taking off a wheel.
If I change tires myself I tighten the nuts, drive for a few miles and then retighten. Really hate to see a wheel going down the road ahead of me. I tighten them while off the ground, tighten again when I let them down and do the drive for a bit thing. Seems to work for me.