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Dometic Freezer issues


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My cooler is 2.5 years old, not the newest version. It is a CFX DZ 75. One of the interior lights stopped working and the wifi app says the lid is open, but it is closed and latched. It is cooling and freezing fine. Based on the manual, I think it may need a light PCB, but I cannot find a way to order one. I emailed the main customer service address and the tech was not helpful. At first, he acted like he didn't understand my issue, but after I told him what I thought was wrong, he said, "The part number is 4450019969. We no longer have these in stock...and for me to check my local dealer. Well, I don't have a local dealer and if the mother ship cannot help me find the part, how would a dealer. Anyone out there have any parts sources? Thanks.