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Drifta bag - Oztent replacement bag


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The Oztent is a great tent- but they provide you with a crappy bag. A bag that is barely bigger than the tent itself. I’ve never had an easy time getting the tent back in the bag. Some times are easier than others, but none are “easy”.

I ordered this bag from Drifta on 3/13/2020 and just received it today (3/30/2020). Now 2 weeks may seem like a long time to get something in our “next day” shipping world we live in, but I’m fairly certain it was made after I ordered it and it shipped from Sydney, Australia. It originally shipped 3/24 from Sydney- took less than a week to go halfway around the world PLUS clearing customs. All during COVID-19.

Plus the AUD to USD is in our favor. $242 (includes shipping) AUD equals $152 USD. Sure, it’s a lot for a bag, but it’s a nice bag. And I won’t cuss while loading it. So there’s that too.

It opens up all the way, waterproof zippers, better zippers than the Oztent bag, and is extra space galore! Super easy to put the tent in.

Morris Yarnell

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Absolutely right Tom.
After playing stuff the tent a few times I bought the Drifta bag, that was a year ago. It is roomy, easy to fit the tent into and comes reasonably fast from OZ. There is a bit more room in it and that is just about right for putting the things that I bought to go with the OZ3 tent. Sides, Front, fly and extra poles/ropes.
Zippers work and are covered with a flap that will probably keep out most of the water as it sits on the top (in the RR) of the LR. Mine is black with a bit of red for flash.
Price has gone up, mine was 170 AU dollars and that, I thought, was a lot but it is worth it.
Good buy Tom.


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Morris, it’s been on my radar for about a year but finally pulled the trigger. Glad I did. Can’t wait to use it. I guess I didn’t take note of the price back then. Mine is probably more expensive because mine is an RV-5 which is of course a little bigger than the RV-3 that you have.

I hated the Oztent bag. Such a pain.