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Dutch Oven, who's got one?


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I thought the rule was to always experiment on the road, especially when you're cold and tired and just want something to eat. I think that's kind of cheating.


I was contemplating doing Paella over the camp fire this weekend, having done it at home several times I should be good!


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I will resurrect this thread because what I have learned this past summer camping. I LOVE pie irons! Similar to this: http://www.amazon.com/Romes-1605-Double-Steel-Handles/dp/B000E0TVXS After proper conditioning of this cast iron cooking device this thing rocks. All you need is some cooking spray and ingredients. Really easy to cook a hot sandwich or meal and the clean up just involves heating it clean. I have also cooked deserts and breakfast in them. And once it gets hot enough you only need to cook each meal for a few minutes before reloading. My girls love the grill cheese sandwiches that come out of these things.


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Getting a Dutch oven is high on my list. I am planning on experimenting at home this winter so I can dial in some recipes.


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A friend has a DO and knows how to use it well. He made some shredded beef for tacos one night and scalloped potatoes the other night. It's been on my short list for a long time but they are rare at the second hand shops.


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Oausa.net does the ham net on Thursday and they had one this year that I caught on Dutch oven recipes

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You have to build a fire up the let it burn down so the coals can be used or cheat I guess and use briquettes.
I will revive this thread once again to share a couple thoughts.
I have two dutch ovens, a 2 quart camp DO and a 5 quart regular DO. I usually travel with the 2 quart which is perfect for 2 people meals, and only bring the 5 quart when camping with others.
I can easily use the 2 quart on on propane stove as I do any other pots, as well as with coal or briquettes in the typical dutch oven style. It it pretty versatile.
In terms of cooking times, or delays, it really depends on what you want as a meal. If you are cooking a baking or slow cooking meal, then yes you are going to have to follow the same cooking time as you do at home. But you can also make taco meat in the amount of time it take to do it on the stove, plus the time it takes to make your fire.
As a side note: I also travel with a Esbit BBQ300S FOLD-AWAY CHARCOAL GRILL, which combined with my Dutch Oven, has saved my bacon on at least one occasion where I either ran out of propane or had a stove break half way into a 4-5 day trip.
If you are in the market for a Dutch Oven, or any Lodge Cast Iron products here is a tip, you mileage may vary:
My local Ace Hardware has a fairly decent range of Lodge products. I signed up for their email newsletter. Throughout the year they send out $15 Off any product $30 or more.
Over the last couple years, using these coupons, I have added an assortment of cast iron to my home and camping collection at prices you can't beat.
Today, cast iron is my go to cooking choice at home and on the road.
I hope this helps!

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I have been able to pick up cast iron cookware/skillets at thrift stores. It is chancy but I have gotten lucky a time or two. Did have to do a bit of clean up on one but it is, after all, cast iron and they do clean up. Just have to recondition them after the clean-up.
Often out of the way hardware stores have an interesting selection. Lodge is my choice.