Electric off road vehicle???

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Morris Yarnell, Aug 5, 2017.

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    Range isn't even enough to GET you off road
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    I read an article on that the other day! I don't think it's got a future, especially at the dollar figure they're proposing. However, I really like the idea and I'm glad that someone is working in that direction. I'm hoping it has an influence on the industry, at the very least.
  3. Morris Yarnell

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    Wow. Never encountered an electric-powered 4x4 vehicle before.
  6. Morris Yarnell

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    I was thinking about an E-bike for a bit of travel when camped. I have explored a few that are available, of course the recharging has me a bit put off. How to recharge when so far from power since there is no extension cord that would ever reach. Is there a possibility of recharging from the vehicle through a device (inverter) to take 12V to 110V and plug in the battery of the bike?
    Looks like more information is needed before I go this route.
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    That sounds like it a great idea to me.
    DC->AC->DC would work but not very efficiently. It would be fine while you're driving though.
    There should be a way to charge it directly. We definitely would need something to manage the charging and prevent over charging so can't hook it directly to a solar panel though. We'd need to know what the input that particular bike is. Better to look for a manufacture who's charger accepts DC input direct then can manage the charge.
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    How much are they selling it?

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