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External Fuel Solutions

I had a conversation with some friends about fuel and fuel storage during trips. I generally don't bring extra fuel as I generally plan trips that will incorporate a fueling point somewhere along the way. That being said, I probably need to come up with a solution in the event if I do need extra fuel. Currently I'm running the JK AEV rear bumper and there is a fuel caddy add-on that can be purchased that is integrated with the tire carrier. Two concerns, 1) its $350 and I feel like I can do better, 2) As usual, i'm concerned about have all that weight on the rear of my rig.

I've seen some cool ideas about carrying jerry cans on the side, forward of the front doors, but I don't know much about it. I like the idea of carrying fuel forward, closer to the front axle. Any opinions?


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I’ve seen the hi lift mounted on the front fenders, never seen Jerry cans there.


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I know Ben runs a big 35” spare, a hi-lift, Trasharoo, shovel, 3 gallon propane bottle and the AEV 10 gallon aux fuel tank on his rear swingout. Hasn’t fallen off the Jeep yet.

But Jerrys are nice. They are mobile and inexpensive.

Morris Yarnell

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I have seen that method of carrying fuel used on military and civilian vehicles before. Seems to be a very good way to have fuel and not carry it on front or back. Many Lane Rovers (old style) have been known to carry on front, front hood or roof rack. Jeeps also do this carry. Just make sure that the bolts holding it to the side are backed by big washers or a plate of some type so they don't pull through from vibration and have a strap of some sort that goes through something like a footman loop to hold it
Yeah I know Ben runs that system on his tail gate but it seems like a ton of weight, and I've thought about making a rack in the front, but what concerns me is inhibiting the airflow to the radiator and having coolant problems (I could be making that up). I'm going to keep looking at the side mounted jerry cans. I'm not crazy about drilling or modifying the side panels on my jeep but maybe there is an alternative to doing that?

Morris Yarnell

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Depends on how many cans you want to carry. At approx 7 pounds per gallon plus weight of can, could be about 50 pounds per. Most spare tires weigh less. I am able to carry two cans that equal the weight of one spare. LR tires are heavy. I do carry the gas low on the vehicle.


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I like that fender mount! I bought the wavian nato fuel cans which are legit. I have a set of the Chinese knock offs and they leak. Wavian are about $80 each though.
The more I look at them the more I think I will go in that direction. Need to figure out how they mount and if i have to start drilling holes into the body


Let me know how the mounting goes. I've thought about doing the same fender mount several times.
I was able to get a mount on my tire carrier that works very well with the wavian can but it was semi custom to my carrier.


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