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fox shocks


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anybody running them? seriously considering them on fat bastard. they're pricey, but i've heard a lot of good. wondering if anyone can help sell them and appease my hesitation on pricing ;) i won't be going for the full bore remote reservoir dial it all in yourself ones for now, just the ifps.

anyone have any opinions? heard anything bad?


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I've heard good things but never run them myself. On my 4Runner I ran sway-away race runners and Toytec's. The Sway-away's were horrible and would not recommend them. I swapped them out for the Toytec's a month before it got totalled. The Toytec's were much better but I never got them on dirt.

I'm running Blistein's on the Jeep and they did a good job when I haven't overloaded it.

That's about as much help as I can give.
a friend with a 95 cruiser has them and loves them. i've not ridden in it, though. so, while third hand, he was raving about them


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Where is a good place to get quality parts and good info for Fox shocks? I have 3 sets that I need to rebuild and revalve.


Accutune OR seems to be a good place for knowledge and re-valving. They set mine up on the Taco and i've had no issues.


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I have fox 2.0’s on all 4 corners of my ram 1500. I would say definitely worth it! The ride on and off-road is amazing and I have put like around 4-5K dirt miles on them and they still feel as good as new

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Wyatt has them on his Jeep. In the rear for sure, not sure about the fronts. He's had them for a while. Ping him if he hasn't seen this thread.