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Glenwood Springs Wheel and Wield 9/3-9/5


Hello Everyone, I'm putting together an trip together that some other Nissan guys dubbed "Wheel and Wield" and would like to extend an invite to anyone here who wants to tag along.

No trails have been confirmed as a run yet. They're just listed to get an idea of what everyone can run, with in their abilities and rig capabilities.

I plan on leaving for Glenwood on the 3rd no later than 9am, as I won't get off work until 7am that day. I have never camped in Glenwood so any ideas on spots would be awesome!

Location: Glennwood Springs

Date(s): Labor Day weekend, September 3rd-5th


Main Elk Creek Road
Cinetop Mesa
Bowen Lake
Blue Lake
Transfer Trail
Adams Lake
White Owl Lake
Grizzly Jeep Trail
Coffee Pot Road
Dotsero Crater
Red Dirt Road