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Going South Report

Ben, Erin, Richie (and kids) and I started the day on the Dakan Road in Douglas County:

After this trail, we headed for Metberry Gulch

We had a nice lunch at the South Platte River

Then headed back out:

The trip was supposed to be an overnight for all, but neither Richie or I could make the overnight. I headed back towards Woodland Park and got caught in a massive traffic jam because of a mudslide on U.S. 24. I turned around and ate dinner in Woodland Park and by the time I was finished the road was clear.

Some other scenery shots:

All in all a good time for me having the cruiser on the trail for the first time. Looking forward to the next trip!
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It was a fun trip and David crushed it with his first time out. Not being bashful Rich and I put him on some fun steep stuff and without question he followed and made it look easy.

See David, you should of stuck with us for the night, we didn't hit traffic at all and enjoyed out little spot of heaven.