GPS maps on an Ipad.

Discussion in 'Audio / Visual' started by Morris Yarnell, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. Morris Yarnell

    Morris Yarnell Well-Known Member

    What was the app that you had on the Ipad for navigation through the trails this last weekend?
    Really would like to have that one.
  2. Kevin McIntyre

    Kevin McIntyre New Member

    Hi Morris. It was actually Ben and Erin's iPad. I, unfortunately, don't have one. I am frustrated that the maps that I have (USGS, and Trails Illustrated) don't have sufficient detail, or are woefully out of date. Do you, or any one else on the forum have any suggestions for a better breed of map?
  3. jerdog53

    jerdog53 Moderator

    I have been using Avenza PDF maps on our iPad and am pretty happy with its performance.
  4. ExplorerTom

    ExplorerTom Well-Known Member

  5. Overland1

    Overland1 Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry Morris, I'm an Android guy so the tablet you saw wasn't an iPad. Sounds like Avenza PDF is good though.
  6. Kevin McIntyre

    Kevin McIntyre New Member

    So, as a poor lonely soul with only an iPhone 4s (and really not that lonely), I think my first step is to get an iPhone 5 (current phone running out of memory) and then look at downloading a good gps app, then downloading a good map app. Avenza will be a good candidate.

    Sorry, Ben. You won't convert me to Android! :D Although I might be persuaded to buy an iPad sometime in the future.
  7. Brandon

    Brandon Well-Known Member

    What do you use on your Android? I dont have one yet, but zero chance I'll buy an iPad when I need a tablet...
  8. Ietp

    Ietp New Member

    I like Motion X GPS HD
  9. Overland1

    Overland1 Administrator Staff Member

    On Android I really like Backcountry Navigator PRO. If you go that route pay the extra $20 for the acuterra maps, they are really good. Next time we are out you can play with my tablet and see what you think.
  10. overlandjeep

    overlandjeep Moderator

    I used backcountry for a while but then I went apple I use Gaia I have motionx as well but when I imported GPX trails to it it plotted the waypoints with as crow flies tracks between. Gaia plots waypoints via roads.

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