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Grand Canyon Spring Break trip


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Hey all,

For the kid's Spring Break this year we have decided to head down to the Grand Canyon for the first trip of the year. We booked a room at one of the cheaper motels in the park and the plan is to leave early Monday morning on the 28th, hightail it down and spend Tuesday and Wednesday hiking and exploring. Are there any must do hikes/sights that are family friendly at the Grand Canyon (11 and 14YO girls)?

Also, we are planning on taking 2-3 days working our way back home and were thinking about a route through Utah to see some spots. I know it isn't a lot of time to explore and it is Easter Jeep Week in Moab but I wanted to ask the collective for any advice in planning the return trip. I haven't been to Utah yet (gasp!) so am a newbie and we will possibly have our dog with us. Ideally we would like to have a Plan A of camping and exploring, and a Plan B of lodging if the weather doesn't cooperate.

Any and all input is definitely appreciated. Thanks!

Morris Yarnell

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Morris Yarnell

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Thanks. That helps with planning. I'm retired, so it is often not on my calendar when these things are actually happening. I would probably be taking a bit of a road trip to a place that is not as packed but might wait till all the madness is over and the sites are in the cleared stage.


My info is 20 years old so verify it.
I've been there three times but never with an offroad vehicle. Two trips to the north rim where we stayed for a few days. One day trip to the south rim.
Bear in mind the north rim only gets about 10% of the total park visitors. The south rim is often crowded as in full parking lots and traffic backed up.
The south rim is open year round. The north rim open late in May and closes in September.
The north rim/Kaibab Plateau is about 1,000 feet higher than the south and it gets a lot of snow. South rim is semi arid/desert. Kaibab plateau is Ponderosa forest.
There is a lodge, cabins and campgrounds on the north rim. These are booked far in advance. Primitive dispersed camping is available on the Kaibab.
I have not checked it out but there are some 4WD trails on the north rim.
For me, next time I go back it will be to the north rim.