Leaving expensive tent unattended

Discussion in 'Camping Gear' started by ExplorerTom, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. ExplorerTom

    ExplorerTom Well-Known Member

    If you were to go camping in a campground, would you have any reservations about leaving all day with your OZ Tent (or other high dollar tent) set up and unattended? Lots of other people in the campground coming and going.
  2. Morris Yarnell

    Morris Yarnell Well-Known Member


    edit: we were in Bryce Canyon for a week and I did leave my OZ tent up and the camp stuff inside it while we went hiking and had no issues. Some were interested in the tent as they had not seen one before but there was nothing disturbed when we returned. The LR was parked in front of it.
    I have been at sites where people would set up a tent to secure a site but those were usually some little bit of a tent from a sports store.
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  3. mikeinCO

    mikeinCO Active Member

    Any of the campgrounds that we've been to our stuff and other sites gear has been okay. It would be pretty gutsy to snatch a tent when other people are milling around and not knowing when you might be returning. I usually note which sites have which cars, mostly because of my interest in other peoples solutions/issues more than security.
  4. jerdog53

    jerdog53 Moderator

    I don't have any reservations about leaving it set up in a camp ground or otherwise.
  5. tcishere84

    tcishere84 New Member

    I wouldn't dare leave it unattended. Someone might tamper or steal it.
  6. ExplorerTom

    ExplorerTom Well-Known Member

    I’m still uneasy about it- although I have now done it. We camped at the KOA in Moab for a weekend and left it unattended alot as we went off to do things. And I left it unattended at a primitive campsite near Jefferson.

    I’d say the primitive campground I was more worried- very little traffic going by and plenty of advanced warning if anyone was coming AND some people stopped by asking questions about it.
  7. Morris Yarnell

    Morris Yarnell Well-Known Member

    The OZ tent always seems to bring questions, Not a common site compared to other types of tents. If the questions get as far as 'How much?' the looks say a lot and conversation seems to ebb.
  8. Brad

    Brad Administrator

    It’s always on my mind as far as others I go with. I always have to pack up camp but it would be nice to have the option of leaving something behind. The general rule is people who camp look out for one another but there are those people too. Dispersed would definitely worry me.

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