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license plate on front Hard Rock bumper


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I have a 2016 Rubicon Hard Rock that needs to get real license plates soon. There doesn't seem to be a spot for a front license plate. I would hate to drill through the plastic cover for the winch space, and even if I did, that spot may eventually be occupied by a winch. How have other Hard Rock owners attached license plates to the front bumper?


Dunno about that I usually drive so horribly I don't lien to give cops another reason to pull me over ;)

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My 2016 Rubicon Hardrock came from the dealer with a front plate insert?

You can see it here:

That said when I install a winch I will need a different solution.



Front plate is a requirement, normally you only have to worry about it if parked downtown, in Edgewater or Aspen. Sometimes, a bored CSP will use it as an excuse to stop, but as my wife recently found out, Commerce City is watching for them. Where she was parking her car to catch the bus, back in Dec. when the car got hit (hit/run), Commerce City cop told her that he could give her a ticket for no front plate, but was going to be nice about it and just verbally warn her.

Morris Yarnell

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The ARB bumper has a place for a plate but it actually interferes with the winch. I made a bracket that will sit a bit higher and not have the plate in the way of the winch. Works great, made from excess strap lying about in the shop.


Going back to the original comments on this, there are a couple of other options. I don't run a front plate on the Frontier, didn't on the Dakota either. When I park in an area where I know it needs to be attached, I have two magnets on the back of the plate, and just use those. On the Dakota, I would slap it over two of the fog lights. On the Frontier, I got a 1" wide 12" piece of steel, painted it black and attached it to the plate holes, the plate goes there. When we had the Audi, it had a Euro front plate, behind the plate I had a piece of steel, the Colo. plate had magnets and would just barely hold when needed for parking. Some people in the Euro tuner community will also use heavy duty Velcro strips to attach the plates when needed.


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zip tie it on until you get a winch then you can buy a mount that snaps on a roller fairlead