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Loading maps onto a GPS unit


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I recently got a Garmin Montana 600 and was wondering if anyone has any idea how to load maps form traildamage.com onto there. I know there is one guy on here that is addicted to traildamage and is also a geek but can't remember his name.


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It's pretty easy. Download Garmin Basecamp (http://www.garmin.com/en-US/shop/downloads/basecamp) and then download the GPX file for the trail from Traildamage. Import the GPX into Basecamp and then you can transfer the file to the Montana.

I spent the time and imported all the trails so when I'm in Basecamp I can see every trail they have. It's a pretty good system.

Both Jerry and I use Basecamp and Jerry also has a Montana so if that doesn't work let us know.


Funny I loaded a few routes on Friday in preparation for our exploratory trip on Saturday but did not check the Montana after the fact. Here we are two hours form the house and I turn on the Montana and there isn't one map on the unit! Not one! Just a blank screen with the little LR3 and the north arrow to guide me. I was pissed! Lesson learned, check your equipment before leaving! I still don't know what happend.


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Mental note ask Jerry for help with this he now knows what NOT to do
one less possible failure on my part then


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Nope not yet. All I have done so far is add in the road maps for the USA. There are some things I want to add on that I haven't yet