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Looking for 255/85/16 tires


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Watch the sidewall offroad as it's the Achilles heal of duratracs.

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lol...so far i've only taken out one sidewall. but then i've also taken out sidewalls on bfg mts, tsl trxus's, and toyos, so i won't say they are any worse than the others.


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I saw 2 sets in the parking lot at work parked next to each other. One set was new and the other was worn down about half. The worn set didn't have the sipes in the large tread blocks like the new ones.


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I had another shop say to me that I should go someplace else since they had to order them from someplace that marked them up and then they would have to mark them up more. They told every other place will be way cheaper than what they would be able to sell them to me. I respect that shop a bunch for being that up front and honest