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March 2017 Quick Trail Run Advice


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I've been here on the forum for only a short time but I've really appreciated the opportunity to read through everyone's posts and I'm excited to get a chance to get to meet everyone at the monthly events. I recently got back into overlanding (although when I was a younger we usually just called it "getting lost") and recently picked up a 96 Land Rover Discovery. I was hoping to take it out for a quick shakedown trail ride this weekend and was looking for some suggestions. I'm not looking to do anything technical. Really just a dirt road at elevation with some bumps would probably be enough. Does anyone have any ideas for a road that you might suggest? I was looking at Rampart Range, Switzerland Trail, or something of the sort relatively close to Denver. Thanks in advance!


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See this area:
If you draw a line from Westcreek to Florissant- there are some good easy trails right in there. Roads 3, 5, 51, 362 and 363 jump off the page at me. These trails are 2wd capable in the summer- but there could be a little snow on some (but I haven't been to this area all winter, so I can't say for sure). If there is snow, it shouldn't be deep. And if there is snow, there is little danger of sliding off the trail and off the mountain- it's all reasonably flat. No shelf roads.

Phantom Creek is one of the names trails:


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Yep! If you turn south at Sedalia and head through Deckers on your way down there, it'll be a nice dirt road warm up for those trails. Some great views, keeps you of the interstate, and the long dirtroad climb in elevation will let you know if the snow past Florrisant would be too deep.