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Maxtrax vs Treads


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Timely. I'm meeting Lew today to pick up my set of MTs.

I've only ever tried to use the TREADS. Without success. But looking at the video, I wonder if we shoved the wrong end under the tire and not the ramp end. Or maybe the snow we were in was just too deep and the axles were packed in.


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one of those off brand deals ranked poorly, i think on expo journal, against the maxtrax, but i can't remember if it was treds. i'll have to check. it might've been the smittybilt. i know i've read of broken treds though


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Ever heard of GoTreads? http://gotreads.com/ I saw something about them on Expo. Made in Kansas City, strong enough for a semi to roll over, used by the military, and a lifetime warranty. $50 each. Very tempting. They won't work as a ramp, but seem like they should work in mud or snow.


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I grew up in Staten Island, NY, and lots of guys there go clam digging on the beaches at low tide. For traction boards they all used scraps of plywood with a ton of nails driven through it, pointy side down to dig into the sand. I made a slightly less butch version with through bolts and paracord handles.



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At Hackett Gulch, I got my rear diff hung up on a rock to the point that the only thing that I got in FWD or Reverse was axle wrap. We tried this configuration:

But all it did was pull the front MT under the tire. The rear LSD might not have been spinning the right rear tire. So Brandon put that MT behind the left rear tire and I got the traction I needed to pull myself out.

And then for grins, I placed one MT on the downhill side of the rock my right tire is next to for the other vehicles to use as a ramp. The MT flexed pretty good but I knew it was good for it as I've seen the XO guys bend theirs way more (on the switchbacks of the Mormon Trail?).

I still need a better mounting solution as what I have now is to lay them on the floor in the backseat.


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I got the mounting pins for mine, work really well. Have a small lock on them to keep them on there when we are away from our rig on a hike.


Noticed a new competitor in the traction device game today these by Speedmasters.

The Speedmaster company is based in CA and makes a lot of performance parts for many different applications. The company has had several Best of SEMA awards for their products.....I have no experience with these and no affiliation with the company. Just wanted to pass along some info.

Anyone have them already?