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Meet and Greet 8/8/16

Head to Cannonball Creek Brewing Company for the August Meetup

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It seems like most are not thrilled with the existing meetup location.
It has been talked about before, but nothing has been done. How about moving the location to the Cannonball Creek Brewing Company location that has been suggested in the past. It is a little further west, but is easily accessible at that time of night from the north, south, east, west, and Kazakhstan. Located directly off of 93, it is an easy to spot to get to unlike the cave we meet at now. We'll probably gain a few new members that just happen to drive by and see the sweet rigs (ok maybe just the moonlight catching all the "expedition scratches" on mine).

As an added bonus, the parking lot is nice and smooth with only one dip when entering near the gas station. This a a great perk for rigs like @Overland1 's who do not travel off pavement any longer.

Cannonball Creek Brewing Company
393 N Washington Ave
Golden, CO


I called and clarified the details:
Open until 10pm
No other big events usually scheduled on Tuesdays
FOOD TRUCKS ... they are scheduled and the food trucks that WILL be at the location are updated on their website every Monday. Food trucks WANT to be there, unlike the existing meetup location. I'm a fatty, I like food.
DOGS ALLOWED. Outdoor patio only
Large well lit parking lot, there is the parking lot right along 93, and parking in front of the other businesses that share the plaza. There is a gas station in the same plaza as well if you ... want a slurpee or some 3.2% Keystone Light?

Food Truck schedule for this week
Monday 7/11: The Wing Wagon Grill
Tuesday 7/12: Jessie's Smokin' NOLA
Wednesday 7/13: Maine Street Barbeque Co.
Thursday 7/14: Green Tree Stir Fry, LLC
Friday 7/15: Barbed Wire Reef
Saturday 7/16: Maine Street Barbeque Co
Sunday 7/17: Rolling Dough
Some of the beers they tapped this past weekend:

All who agree say AYE. All who disagree say AYE! :D



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For those who don't feel like beer there is a Starbucks across the street. I have been there twice and both times the beer was excellent. Outdoor patio is larger as well.


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I don't see that location maters much, traffic that time a day is what it is.
And by the time most of us are headed that way, traffic usually isn't too bad.

Although this month I was closer to I-25 than normal and was going to take that way. Then I pulled up Google traffic and saw it was dark red northbound for awhile. I stayed on 470 up to 70 instead.

Morris Yarnell

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It takes me over an hour to get to where we meet now. Not looking for a longer drive and more time. ...but, you meet anywhere you like.


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It takes me over an hour to get to where we meet now. Not looking for a longer drive and more time. ...but, you meet anywhere you like.
I would guess it would be a similar commute time for you for a much better venue... less I-25, more 6th ave that is always flowing (but I guess that depends on your current route). I don't care too much, but every week, plenty of people bitch about the crappy service/atmosphere/lack of food trucks/location, all which are well founded complaints. I was just trying to make a step towards progress instead of hanging out there until they go out of business.


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Not like you have a job Morris! Plus don't you enjoy driving your rig?
And isn't this group sort of about........... driving? And it's once a month. Brandon isn't suggesting we move the Meet N Greet to Cheyenne or Albuquerque.

Morris Yarnell

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I am all in favor of moving the meet. I do agree with Brandon. I'm not suggesting that the group firmly defines Odyssey as the only place. I have had a bit of a discussion toward moving it a year or two ago myself.

I would suggest that several places get tried in various parts of town to better get a feel for the location that might be more harmonious for a particular time of year or mood of the group. It doesn't even have to be a brew house, could be a restaurant instead of depending on a food truck that appears randomly, if at all. I usually stop at place before the meet to get some actual real food.

Let's continue this discussion...it seems to have lots of merit.


But what will we do without the quilting club having their meeting in the same place on the same night?

Does the other place have food trucks? or a restaurant within 13 miles?

It is interesting that the people from south of town have been driving all the way to arvada for what 3 years now? timetomove


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I'm not willing to move the meetup to something further from people and go towards Golden. If there is something more central to Denver that is more inclusive to people we can talk about it. We also have so many people automatically head to Odysse that moving isn't an easy thing to do and I expect to have confusion for 2-3 months as people adjust. Because of that we need to find the right location the first time.

The requirements are:
Location more central to Denver
Dog friendly
Regular food trucks
Good beer
Parking lot that can handle all of our rigs

If some people want to scout places and double check Tuesday night to make sure they aren't busy we can consider a change.


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Illegal to Have dogs in a brewery in Denver now I think.

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That's just Denver proper, not Arvada for Odyssey or Golden for Cannonball. Many of the breweries in Denver proper still have dog friendly patios too (Hogshead for sure), but for the Highlands and RiNo breweries (Denver beer Co, Prost, Comrade) you can't just cruise all over inside with your shmoopies any more.

I frequent Cannonball fairly often. Dogs are only allowed on the patio (it's always been that way) but this brewery is CRAZY popular with parents. It's sometimes called "the rumpus room" because of all the kids running around. They also have one of the best food truck rotations of all the breweries on this end. A little Pizza heavy, but still really good! There's also lots of ways to get to it. You can come down 93 from the north, you can come in on 58 from I-70, 6th from the south, or 32nd to Washington if you're already in the west end.

I'm all for trying cannonball in August, and I agree with Morris that we could bounce through a few before defining a new "our spot". Hogshead is on 29th and Tennyson and has a dog friendly patio, but no food trucks. Small parking lot but tons of on-street parking on 29th. It's far enough south of the busy part of Tennyson that it doesn't get filled up, but close enough that food is nearby.
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I'll add to the discussion even though I'm probably the least consistent attendee of the Meet-n-Greet sessions.

Moving to any new place will automatically be further for some, and closer for others. If that is a strict requirement, nothing can change.

Yes, Denver's policy that dogs are not allowed into taprooms anymore is disappointing. Some taprooms allow dogs on the patio (YEA to them!), but others don't (BOO!). There are some great breweries in Denver, but parking is usually challenging.

I wish I was able to drink beer enough to visit all the options in the metro area, but that I haven't yet. So, I have limited places to suggest.

I like Cannonball Creek brews a lot! It is very popular, so the parking lot is always full when I go there and I end up parking on the street. So, that might not meet all the requirements. :(

Grist (Highlands Ranch) has decent brews, plenty of parking, and is dog friendly. It will definitely be a longer drive for many people.
Living the Dream (Highlands Ranch) has great brews (in my opinion), moderate parking options, and is definitely dog friendly.
Locavore (Littleton) has good brews, moderate parking options, and is definitely dog friendly.
There is a gluten free brewery just north of Golden called Holiday Brewing that might have good parking because it is in an industrial area (near Slee Offroad). I haven't been there so I know nothing of the brews or dog status.

Just my 2 cents...
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