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Mild Montezuma Area Trail Ride

I haven't made it to a Meet & Greet yet, or posted much at all since I sold my Landcruiser, but I thought I'd put this out there anyway...

I'm planning a trip up to Montezuma to tackle St. Johns and Deer Creek, probably with a couple of side spurs as well. Maybe up Webster or Hunkidori Mine, but nothing crazy since me and my daughters vehicles are currently stock.

These trails are rated 4 in difficulty, which I expect to be able to handle without much difficulty, and 8-10 in scenic value, depending on who you ask.

I'll be heading up either July 8th or 9th, depending on who, if anyone, wants to join.

Thinking of meeting at either the City Market gas pumps or Starbucks on 6th in Dillon at 9:30am. My estimate is that it would be about 4hrs of Trail time depending on how things go.