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New Mexico/Arizona Back Country trip March 28-April 4 2020


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Will be posted this weekend on meetup for RSVP. Spots limited to 6 rigs including myself.

We will be exploring a large section of the New Mexico Back Country Discovery Route (NMBDR) heading south from either the Colorado Border to Silver City, NM or from Grants, NM to Silver City depending on weather and snowfall amounts. We will then connect to interstate 10 heading west to Benson, AZ and pick up the Arizona Back Country Discovery Route (AZBDR) heading north. There are some advanced sections which we may bypass depending on progress and group consensus.

We will also be running our daily schedule based on time not specific mileage. We will break camp and start driving at 8:30am sharp and will stop between 4:00pm and 5:00 pm giving us ample time to find a camp spot for the night, that being said plan to drive closer to sunset if we end up in a area without any sites. As a majority of these trails travel through national forest and BLM I expect we will not have issues finding spots. We will also be taking breaks during the day at points of interest as well as in some of the small towns along the way.

Off-road Miles: 700+ albeit a lot of that is just dirt road with some intermediate sections. Advanced sections subject to group skill level and consensus.

Trail Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate.

Vehicle Requirements
High Clearance 4x4
Off-road capable tires (plus wheel key)
Full size spare
Frame mounted tow points front and back

Required Equipment
20,000+lb Tow Strap
2x Shackles
5 gallons extra fuel

Minimum Recommended Equipment
Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Kit
Extra Water
Vehicle Unique Tools
Warm Emergency Clothing

Ham Radio Comms
Primary 146.550
Secondary 146.580

Meeting Location/Time:
Wooly Mammoth park and ride lot off I-70 and Morrison road exit.

7:00am. We have a 7 hour drive to the trailhead at Grants and will need time on trail before we can find a camp spot the first night.

Time to Trail Head: approximately 7 hours.