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It’s been a busy last few days as I’ve been heads down working on the new site. I hope you like the new look and feel. I tried to keep things simple but still interesting. If you see any problems or typo’s please let me know.

Along with the new look and feel I’ve made some upgrades as well:
- Forum now supports Taptalk, Forum Fiend, and Forum Runner apps from your mobile device
- Better corporate firewall support
- Better integration of the Meetup site
- Improved signup captcha to stay one step ahead of spammers
- Improved spammer blacklisting integration


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One thing I've noticed is when viewing it on mobile, when you select the drop-down on the left, the text blends in with the background. I know what button to hit but if not it's hard to see.

I'm not a big fan of the forum app things, so it's just the mobile browser.


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Brandon, is it the menu on the homepage that's the problem or something on the forum?