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Newbie - 3 or 4 nights Denver and headed North or Northwest


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I'm new here (and new-ish to Colorado - Since June 2018) and am excited to just jump in my truck to start to see what I need for it! I live in Denver and have probably 3 (maybe 4) nights next weekend to get out and actually "overland" for the first time and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas of places to go between Denver and some TBD destination to the north or northwest of here. I was thinking Boise as a destination but thats 12 hrs of interstate driving away which seems like it wouldn't give much time to get into the back roads. I spent some time looking at the map and maybe just heading out towards Jackson, WY would be a good initial plan. Who knows, maybe I'll spend more time in Rocky Mountain National Park and not make it out of the state!

My 2013 F-150 needs new tires - maybe I'll get em this week.

I don't have locking rear differential and I'm not looking to do anything super aggressive. Would love to get on the back roads and explore without any particular goals other than to drive around and see the beautiful countryside. I haven't made any mods yet.

So... if you have any roads, sights, or eats that you love generally in that direction, I'd love to hear em!

Morris Yarnell

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I would check the weather first. Gets colder the farther North one goes. RMNP closes in Sept. I would head South before North. Unless, of course, cold is your objective. Lake City, Salida, Durango just to name a few. Pick up the Wells book on CO trails, at local book store to get some really good info. Trails are listed easy, moderate, difficult to suit your taste and since you have less than great tires and no mods, take the easy trails and don't get in over your vehicles ability.
Happy trails...

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Morris Yarnell

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I would say that your F150 has enough clearance to do many trails in CO and with your new tires you should be more than adequately able to travel back country roads in CO. In fact most are forest service roads and unless they are closed due to snow you will be good.
Your original post was a long time ago so let us know where you have gone and what things you have seen. I would be very interested.