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No Excuses 6/15/19


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It's time to once again kick off the season with our first camping trip of the year. The weather hasn't been cooperating but one our members scoped out the campsite and said the trail is open to at least our usual spot.

Everyone seems to have an excuse to not go on an overnight trip, it's too far, too long, too cold, rig not ready, whatever.

Well, there is no excuse for missing this trip, it's a single night just south of Fairplay. The only hard part of this is finding the campsite since I'm only going to give you GPS coordinates and if you can't find a spot off coordinates then you shouldn't be out in the woods.

You can come up whenever you want so it can fit around your schedule. The camping spot is a nice size field tucked away from the road but the road is drivable by 2 wheel drive so getting there isn't a problem. Sunday you can pack camp and head home whenever you want so you can still have a day to get stuff done.

There are to camping location the primary and secondary. The secondary is the first one you'll come to so I recommend checking it out first. If no one is there proceed to the primary.

Primary location is 39.104141, -106.159166
Secodary location is 39.086304, -106.100536

So that's the deal, as easy and simple as possible and nothing special needed. There should be no excuse for getting out for one night so I'll see you all there.


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Crap. Getting on an airplane on Sunday. I’d be in BIG trouble if I went and something happened and I missed the flight. HUGE.


I’ll have to catch the next one but I just got back from rampart north and south .. all clear and no snow.
Road 300 to woodland park and devils head 100% perfect

Sylvester C.

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I am looking forward to this!!!! I haven't been out with the group. Is there going to be a meeting before the trip? :) Looking forward to talk to you guys more.


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I think there may be a 10 month old. Our kid is 21 years old but not attending.